I Asked A Comedian To “Be My Boyfriend,” And He Responded

Rich asked me out on Twitter.
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December 16, 2014
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I’m already planning the rom-com about this meet-cute. I would like Kate Hudson to play me (or, per a coworker’s suggestion, Jennifer Lawrence in a blonde wig), and Chris Pratt to play Rich. To remind you, Rich is the comedian who almost flawlessly impersonates characters from 25 of the most beloved Christmas movies.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the low down. Earlier this week, I penned a “Be My Boyfriend” letter to Rich on The Frisky. I was floored by how accurate his impressions were in his “25 Days of Christmas Movie Impressions” video, and wanted to tip my hat to him. I told him about how I wanted to find him under my Christmas tree this year and that I would write to Santa to please deliver him. (Yes, that is how I tip my hat. Don’t hate.)

Shortly after I published my letter, Life & Style, who originally published Rich’s impressions video, saw my plea and posted an article called “This Guy’s Christmas Movie Impressions Are SO Good That A Journalist Publicly Asked Him Out.” That’s me they’re referring to, in case you’re wondering.

Rich saw the article, and, much to my surprise, responded by asking me out on Twitter, paying homage to the classic Christmas flick “Love Actually” and clearing up some concerns I had about his hair (because bed head really is a struggle.)

Here’s what he tweeted:

In case you can’t read that, Rich’s signs said:

  • Slide 1: “Katie, for now let me say so it’s in the clear…”
  • Slide 2: “I had bed hair in those clips. It’s not full ‘Conan’ all the time.”
  • Slide 3: “But because it’s Christmas and at Christmas you say ‘What the hell?’”
  • Slide 4: “A date would be lovely, just keep me away from Santa’s sack. Merry Christmas!”

So, naturally, I tweeted back:

There’s no saying where things will go, or if Rich is just taking me out to prove me wrong about his hair (which I must say, looks LOVELY in his Twitter response), but what I do know is that Santa works in mysterious ways.

Also, go me.

Image credit: Life & Style

Republished with permission from The Frisky.