Alison Freer Came to xoJane and Then Emily Asked if Jane Had Sex With Alison's Boyfriend and Jane Said She Can't Remember

Remember that time Alison visited the xoJane office and her boyfriend told Jane he met her once before at a party with Jimmy Fallon? You will.
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May 14, 2013
alison freer

The best part about working at xoJane is when the contributors who don't normally work here come and visit and they are so pretty it makes your head hurt. And not even just like beauty-pretty but personality-pretty and soul-pretty and just pretty-pretty.

My favorite part of the visit was when Alison's comedy writer boyfriend Tommy said he had met Jane before. So Emily asked if Jane had ever had sex with comedy writer Tommy.

Jane said she couldn't remember. Then we all laughed.

Emily is also pretty-pretty. So is Jane. So is Alison's boyf. Anyway, I hope you like the videos.

UPDATE: I forgot to link Jane's amazing Taxi TV clip, which we are all discussing. Because she looks RIPPED and like an Olympic gymnast or something. So here's that, too.



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