60% Of Women Would Rather Ditch Their Guys Than Go Without This

One has to wonder if it’s possible to love inanimate objects too much.
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July 14, 2014
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The cosmetics industry is a multimillion dollar business. One YourTango writer reports on the love affair the goes on in women's bathrooms.

Sorry guys, this one's gonna hurt.

Honestly, if I was asked to give up the majority of the men I've dated for something, depending on what that something was, I just might. For starters, my dog; I'd totally cut loose any man instead of my dog, but that makes sense. I mean, he's my baby. I'd also, on my some days, toss out a man if he stood in the way of pizza, really good pizza like New York City's Lombardi's or Lil' Frankie's. Yes, no man could win a competition between those two places. But one thing that I know for certain that I wouldn't ditch a man over is makeup. Am I wrong? Not necessarily. But am I in the majority? No; no, I am not. I am in the minority on this one.

The Science Behind Your Makeup Affair.

In a new study that's either going to make you feel less alone in your love affair with cosmetics or make you groan and roll your eyes at humanity, researchers have found that 57 percent of women "would rather break up with their boyfriend than break away from their make-up bag." I'll let you take a second to process that.

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