xoJane Commenting Policy

We value our community here at xoJane, and we want the comments section to unfold naturally. We value the heated debates and tete-a-tetes in the comments section. That said, we don’t want the comments to turn into a free-for-all of negativity and unpleasantness where people are reluctant to participate.

To that end, we are implementing certain guidelines for commenter engagement which we hope will continue to cultivate the friendly, supportive, and thoughtful environment we’ve always enjoyed at xoJane.

While disagreement and criticism — either of an author or other community members — is always allowed, we expect that commenters will engage in respectful debate that does not descend into name-calling, sustained harassment, or straight up trolling. When in doubt, it’s always best to walk away from an argument.

These are things that will get your comment deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

  • Threatening, defamatory, harassing, or libelous material — including but not limited to attacks on the author’s or fellow commenter’s appearance.
  • Hate speech, including racial slurs and any type of communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group. This includes racist, sizeist, sexist, transphobic, ableist, ageist, homophobic language, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people. It also includes clearly using incorrect pronouns deliberately (e.g. after being corrected or asked by author to use a different word). This is a partial list and we will continue updating it as you send your suggestions to info@xojane.com.
  • Comments that consistently incline toward dismissing or tearing down other people. We expect community members to strike a healthy balance in what they choose to express. If you are exclusively negative, and fail to also make positive contributions, even if you do not resort to the explicit attacks listed above, you may have comments deleted. In rare cases you may find yourself banned.
  • Posting material that infringes copyrights or any other intellectual property rights.
  • Consistent violation of this policy will lead to being banned from the comments section.

If you witness this behavior displayed in a comment, please flag it for moderation; we will be moderating on our own as well, but if you want to do this, we appreciate it. To flag a comment, simply click on the gray flag in the comment’s upper righthand corner.

You can also email comments that violate our policy to our Social Media Editor, Caitlin, at caitlin@xojane.com. Please send a URL to said comment for the quickest action. To obtain the URL to link directly to a comment click Share in the bottom righthand corner and click the link symbol. The URL on your browser will become a link to that comment.

We also welcome any suggestions for additions to this policy. Please send your inquires to info@xojane.com