What's a Psychic Good For?

ESP is a fun party trick—how can it actually help you?
Publish date:
August 1, 2011
psychic, clairvoyant, ESP

Seeing a clairvoyant can be a lot like seeing a movie: You sit down in a dark room and have no idea what’s going to happen to you emotionally as you relate to an unfolding narrative. And just as a movie can be purely entertaining or full-on cathartic, same as a visit to a psychic.

How do you know when it’s a good time to see one? If you’re facing a big decision in life and would like some advice from an intuitive third party, yes, that is when. Even better if circumstances surrounding your discovery of a clairvoyant seem meaningful or coincidental. The good ones don’t really advertise, by the way. Ask your friends if they’ve ever gone. If you’re still not coming up with anything, just wait. You’ll find one when it’s right.

FYI, there is no point in trying to “trick” a psychic into seeing if they’re real or not—because if they are real, they’ll be really turned off by your wary games and it kind of wrecks the whole setup. You have to go in with trust and boundaries, and if someone pries too far or starts saying things that seem alarming or completely wholesale untrue, you can stop it there and ask for a pro-rated refund.

I haven’t had much experience with paid clairvoyants—ones who strictly access past lives or energy fields without using cards or reading palms—and up until last week they’d mostly been not so great. I think it’s at least partially because I didn’t let down my guard. So that’s important: When you’re comfortable with whom you’ve chosen to see, you’ll need to allow yourself to open to the experience.

A friend took me to House of Intuition recently, one of the posts where the White Witch of Los Angeles roosts. I never did meet her. I did, however, flip through their binder of energetic and clairvoyant practitioners, and I stopped when I got to Krishanti.

Krishanti! A few of my friends in New York had talked to her. A year ago they suggested I contact her; in fact, I had her card back at home. This was the exact right time to see her, I decided, and the next day I did.

A super sweet and smiley man with a love for leopard print and enthusiastically saying “cute!” almost habitually led me into a meditation chamber filled with a recliner chair about 16 times fluffier than the ones they make at La-Z-Boy. He misted me with essential oils and encouraged me to relax. The soft-volume music, to me, sounded like ambient noise in a haunted house.

Then I remembered that you see and hear what is familiar to you—that what you notice about your physical surroundings is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside you. This was going to be fun.

Krishanti, a pretty, dark-haired lady with a soft demeanor, fetched me and we sat in another small room with a table. She told me she’d be closing her eyes the entire time, and I liked it because her lids were painted neon apricot, which was quite pleasant to look at. She asked me to say my own name three times—Liz… Liz. Liz!—and then she started talking.

First off, she said that I shouldn’t worry about the broken person I’m holding inside my heart. That some people are jagged and not only is it not about me, that also if I try to touch them I will get cut. Best to leave these kinds alone.

This information was a relief, and it’s exactly what a psychic is good for: to give you peace and healthy, empowering perspective.

A psychic is also good for clarifying you to yourself in a way that sounds surprising and completely true. For instance, here’s her metaphor for me: a calm, clear lake that I let other people jump into and cause a ruckus. I have to find the ones who will slip in and not stir up the silt. YES.

I told her I sometimes worry about my lone wolf-ness. How do I reconcile my extreme independence, which feels very natural, with the part of me that really desires true companionship? Will I ever have a life partner or I am supposed to go at it alone, and the real issue is that I need to accept it?

So yes, I asked about the future. I don’t ever ask stuff like that because it feels like I’m admitting that I’m not in control of my life, which I completely am (and we all are). I am not a victim of circumstance—everything that is happening to me, I have created or co-created.

And I am glad, because she told me that yes, without a doubt, she can even see who it is as an energetic body and described this person to me in terms of personality traits. Even if it was total bullshit and never comes true, it has helped me find peace in the present.

Time is the only true validation of the accuracy of a psychic tell-all. To me though, the real goal of all of this is to feel like everything RIGHT NOW is perfect as it is.

Have you seen a psychic? What’s been your experience, good or not?