What's Up with the Letter J?

Not too long ago, Emily mentioned the fact that there are a lot of J's up in here at xoJane: Julie, Jessica, Jess, Julieanne, and Jenny. Freaky.
Publish date:
October 17, 2011
fun, numerology, the letter j

One time during a break-up this particular brand of asshole demanded to know how many beejs I'd delivered in my lifetime. Because I was weak from fighting and voiceless from crying, I dutifully opened a random book on the bedside table and began to write .

But the names I scribbed onto the title page weren't of men I'd known biblically but rather a friendly tree of all guys I liked starting with high school. This was my silent way of rebelling. Fast forward a few minutes to me realizing how insanely barbaric the entire situation was, then me closing the book and the chapter on that relationship (sorry).

Funny thing is, that list taught me something really valuable besides my own worth. People, I'm into folks with names that start with the letter "J." On the list there were two Jasons, a Jack, his best friend Jonathan, this giant named Jake even a Jean Luc. Not too long ago Emily mentioned the fact that there are a lot of J's up in here at xoJane: Julie, Jessica, Jess, Julieanne, and Jenny. Freaky.

I immediately looked up the law of letter attraction, which surprisingly does not exist aside from this ezine quote, "Breaking Down Letters to the Bare Necessity Life is incomparably mysterious. We, as human beings are intricately woven into that remarkable fabric of ineffable existence." After more thorough digging the Great Oz known at Google came up with a solution: Numerology!

According to several Phoenixes online, in numerology, the study of the connection between articles of measure and life, the alphabet can broken down into numbers. Then you can do this whole complicated dance of adding up all the corresponding numbers of the letters of a name. But if the sum total of your name numbers is more than one digit you have to keep seperating and adding each less than 10 number until you get a one digit solution.

Right, not for me either. So the short cut is to just go with the first letter of someone's name. Plus, according to my sources, the first letter of a name is key because it shows someone's most prominent character trait. You're welcome.

1's = Exceptionally powerful, dominant, idependent and intensely original.

2's = Friendly, "inclined to take up fads," and cooperative.

3's = Outgoing, "loves to be admired," talkative and "maybe wasteful with money."

4's = Reliable, calm, logical and "ethical in all that they do."

5's = Clever and "you know how to make lemonade out of lemons."

6's = A negotiator, supportive and loves gives advice.

7's = Introspective, analytical and "meditative with a global perspective."

8's = Ambitious, dedicated, determined and "thrives on getting results."

9's = Knowledgeable, passionate and "a lover of beauty."

Boom! I guess I like people with J names because I like to be dominated. Who knew? Also when I was scanning the 8's characteristics the whole time I'm thinking, "This person sounds like an asshole." Then, I checked what number the letter "H" corresponds to. Doh!

Then again, it's uber true that around here folks are "intensely original" so there may be something to all this mumbo jumbo. Either way it's just plain fun! Do you have certain letters that pop up in your life again and again?