This week's horoscopes - 9-15 July 2012

Stop messing around on Twitter! There's to be no slacking off this week if you want all that hard work to pay off...
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July 9, 2012

As you can clearly tell, I'm just explaining to Rebecca that she keeps losing things and falling over because of a Neptune transit

AriesThe Sun takes issue with Saturn Sigh:You know all those women who complain about having it all? That’s going to be you this week. You’re going to have to make the choice between your love life and family life I’m afraid – both are going to be manic.

TaurusMercury makes red-hot connections:This is the time to sort your finances out once and for all. You’re going to have to take someone’s advice, and you’re not going to like it. But suck it up, as it’ll vastly improve your fortunes in the long run.

GeminiVenus, Goddess of Love does you a favour:Your big mouth might actually come in handy this week – you’ll need it to talk yourself out of trouble. You might even talk yourself into a lucrative situation, just try not to do everyone’s head in with your incessant gabbling.

CancerThe sun highlights your best assets:You’re going to get a fair few admiring glances this week, so enjoy it. Don’t let the killjoy at home (flatmate? Mother? Gulp…boyfriend?) spoil your fun…

LeoSilver-tongued Mercury keeps things interestingYou have a bit of an eureka moment this week, which solves the problem that’s been playing on your mind. Bask in the glory with a few quiet nights in before all the action kicks off.

VirgoYour ruler Mercury makes plans behind the scenes You might feel like you’re not being told everything – and you’re right. But don’t try to work out who’s withholding the information, everything will come out eventually…

LibraTaskmaster Saturn insists on commitmentYou need to take things, and people, more seriously than you usually do if you want to get anywhere this week. Your best friends might get a bit tough love with you, but they’ve got your best interests at heart, which is the main thing.

ScorpioThe house of New Horizons invites you inYou need to take that big risk this week and leave your comfort zone. It’ll totally pay off – you’ll have an amazing time. You’ll also be tempted to spill the beans on a big secret, but keep schtum for now, trust me…

SagittariusVenus whispers sweet nothingsYou know that amazing feeling when you make a new friend and realise that you have LOADS in common and really get on? That’s you, right now, that is. Have fun with your new BFF!

CapricornSaturn insists you aspire to better things...Your boss wants you to go the extra mile this week. Take the hint and pull up your socks and you’ll be glad you did.

AquariusThe House of Love welcomes youYou’re feeling particularly loved up this week. If someone’s showering you with praise, ignore your usually cynical response – you never know, they might actually mean what they say.

PiscesThe Domestic Zone is packed with goodies Things are going very well at home – but don’t get complacent and lazy. It’s great to be comfortable with your significant other, but do you really need to bleach your top lip in front of them?