This week's horoscopes - 30 July - 5 August 2012

Another week, another set of celestial musings from yours truly...
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July 30, 2012
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Chatting astrology with Phoebe

AriesUranus ignites telltale sparks:You’ve definitely got lust on the brain this week – your mates will try and kick you out of it. And if I was you, I’d listen to them. Just because there’s loads of sexual chemistry going on, doesn’t mean you need to pursue this…

TaurusThe Good Will Ambassador enters the Home Zone:It’s time to make nice at home. Your loved ones will appreciate it, and you’ll save much-needed cash as well!

GeminiJupiter’s influence opens your mind Embrace new ideas:You’ll definitely face a fair-few doubters, but keep going, it’ll be worth it in the end – I promise.

CancerUranus plays fast and loose with cash and careerYou’re going to get a much-needed ego boost from one of your biggest fans this week. You might find you’re quids in as well if you play your cards right…

LeoThe Sun generates creative juicesYou’ll get the opportunity to be really selfish this week, so take it. Do what’s right for you and trust your instincts – they’re totally spot on.

VirgoThe House of Secrets offers rich pickingsKeep quiet and let things unfold around you. Chances are you’ll discover some old secrets. And you might even get lucky into the bargain…

LibraRadical Uranus stirs things up in partnershipsIt’s time to embrace all of the change that’s coming your way. Even if it seems a bit terrifying, it’ll vastly improve the quality of life, whether it’s at work or in your love life, so suck it up.

ScorpioThe Full Moon poses fresh dilemmasIt’s time to aim a bit higher in life. Put your ambitions first and don’t let your personal life get in the way of anything…

SagittariusThe Adventure Zone is calling for actionTake another leap into the unknown - you know you love it. A close ally has something interesting to say so make sure you listen (really listen, don’t just pretend to) to him or her.

CapricornLight shines on an unusual investmentGet involved in someone else’s sneaky plans, you’ll find they’re so grateful they’ll repay you in kind…or in cash, depending on which one you need more at the moment!

AquariusThe spotlight falls on relationshipsClever chat is always a turn-on, and now brings a new lease of life to all kinds of relationships. What you give out shapes what you get back.

PiscesIt’s a celestial shakeup for your talentsYou need to be honest with yourself about what you really want – it’s the only way people will start to recognise quite how bloody wonderful you are…