This week's horoscopes - 23-29 July 2012

This week you'll be eyeing up new ventures and stepping out of your comfort zone, according to my crystal ball (I don't really have a crystal ball, what with me being an astrologer, not a psychic)
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July 23, 2012
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Phoebe and I discussing what Mercury's been up to this week

AriesThe spotlight falls on the Pleasure ZoneAnd you know what that means? Dim the lights, stick Barry White on the stereo, and get ready to get it ooooon…

TaurusThe Sun insists you go back to your rootsIf you’ve always wanted to know what that family secret someone’s been harbouring is, this might be the week you find out – so get digging…

GeminiYour ruler Mercury gets up to lightening speedIf you’ve got big plans in mind, and someone’s standing in your way, this is the time to stamp your feet and shout the loudest – it’ll actually work.

CancerAccept stellar insights into your prioritiesIt’s what you do, not how you look that matters most right now, so focus on the important things and ignore the fact that you’re having a bad hair day.

LeoThe heavens choose youThis is the first opportunity you’ve had in a long time to be true to yourself, so make the most of it, as everyone will be looking at you.

VirgoOpportunity knocks in the Aspiration ZonePeople take you more seriously than you think they do, so stop acting the clown and make the most of any offers that come your way…

LibraHave a ball with some sociable starsIt’s time to get out there and be a bit more sociable. Yes you might come across a few bitchy comments, but it’ll be worth it.

ScorpioThe Sun and Mercury get down to businessIt’s time to put yourself and your career first. You might find yourself faced with an offer you can’t refuse – take it, no matter how much it inconveniences others…

SagittariusJupiter and Uranus are buzzing around youYou’ve met a new love interest and they’ve totally blown your mind. Are they on your level intellectually though? If not, it might be time to take stock and think about what you really want…

CapricornGet clever in the Zone of the Taboo IssueIt’s time to join forces with someone if you want to succeed. They might not be your cup of tea, but if you want to succeed, it’s time to suck it up and compromise.

AquariusJupiter insists you take a gambleIt’s time to take a risk in your love life and step outside your comfort zone. It might go against your natural inclination, but it’ll be worth it in the end…

PiscesThe planets pinpoint health and well-beingRight, enough messing around, it’s time to look after yourself. Cut down on whatever your particular poison is and hit the gym – you’ll feel loads better for it.