A Baby Was Borned! No New-Agey Crap Necessary

Turned out I didn't need the three decks of Tarot cards I packed for the birth of my new nephew.
Publish date:
September 9, 2011
family drama, baby, birth, source magic

When my sister went into labor a few days ago I quickly packed a bag to take with me to the hospital. Along with her husband, I was on board as a birth coach, and I wanted to make sure I was doing my part to support my sister, and also help bring the baby into a healthy, clear, positive world.

Into the bag went three -- count 'em, three -- tarot decks: the Thoth, which I use regularly, the Albano-Waite, which I use for cross-reference, and the Goddess deck, which I thought I’d use to keep my sister focused on what an absolute creator she is. Plus crystals, including a selenite wand for aura cleansing and a jasper wand for a grounding massage.

Also included: "The Upanishads," ancient Indian religious texts about the immortal Self and enlightenment; and a nail file, because my sister's pregnant fingernail growth was like that of a witch's. I didn’t want her scratching the hell out of me when she needs to "bear down."

How clueless was I! I mean, the nail file was potentially a good idea, but the rest of it? That’s some charlatan “new agey” (perjorative term, yes) crap right there, thinking that while my sister was erupting with life I might be able to soothe her with accoutrements.

I am so glad I had the common sense to keep it all in the bag and not touch it. I watched my nephew’s birth from the business end of the hospital bed. After a lot of amazing work from my sister and many motivational coaxes, and, he came out just like a little pony, a pony I loved instantly.

Having a baby is absolute source magic. Creating anything with the intent of pure love is source magic. The privilege of a front-row seat to emergence necessitates the most bare-bones of mental processes and behavior. All these crystals and smudge sticks and shaman rattles and cards -- and even rituals themselves -- are cues and props, little aids we use to direct our intentions. I’d even put medicine and drugs in this category.

We as humans are all we need to manifest anything we desire.