This Week's Horoscopes - 26 November - 2 December 2012

It's nearly, almost, soon to be the party season, and you're already on fire...
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November 26, 2012
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AriesUranus marks you out in style...You love any opportunity for an adventure, so you take the chance when it comes up this week. However, don’t be surprised when a frankly unlikely turn of events changes your plans somewhat. Oooh, that sounds cryptic, doesn’t it?

TaurusVenus joining Saturn augurs well for commitmentYou’ve had free reign to party and enjoy yourself recently, but it’s time to get serious, and it’s non-negotiable. You’re also going to have to learn to treat carefully around someone else’s feelings, or you’ll find yourself in big trouble.

GeminiYour live-wire ruler Mercury is restless, againAmazing – all the pesky things that have been slowing you down over the last few weeks are coming to an end. Make the most of it and get things moving on all of your fantastic ideas and plans. Just make sure you start pinning people down.

CancerThe Partnership House is making demandsYou might think you’re too busy for a relationship, what everything else going on in your life, but you’ll surprise yourself with just how much energy you have when it comes to nailing a potential love interest down (not literally, unless that’s your thing).

LeoYour Radiant Ruler is after instant gratificationFollow your heart, not your head. It’s an old adage, but it definitely holds true for you this week, Leo. Your choices might seem strange to an outsider, but you know that you’re doing the right thing.

VirgoThe Mind Planet is firmly on your sideYou’re definitely earning your crown as the Queen of Multitasking this week. You’re doing some impressive plate spinning but try and avoid pushing other people out by being a control freak in the process…

LibraVenus plus Saturn suggests ‘waste not want not’.You’re overloaded with ‘stuff’ at the moment. Yes, we all know you like life’s little (and less little) luxuries, but stopping and consolidating what you’ve got is no bad thing. In the long run, it’ll lead to even bigger prizes, my little Magpie.

ScorpioIt’s a Planetary Pile-up that can support youEveryone wants a piece of you, and you’re set to make a seriously stunning impression everywhere you go. Don’t make any rash moves though - charmer or not, you can’t get away with doing anything stupid.

SagittariusStake your claim on your share of the Celestial ActionYou’ll be feeling far more like your normal, sexy self this week than you have been recently. Make the most of it, but don’t be surprised when some truly amorous attention knocks you sideways.

CapricornPowerful planets put you in chargeThat big change in your personal life has got to happen this week, so stop putting it off. You don’t have to make a bit drama about anything, just be yourself and everything will work out fantastically.

AquariusThe Social Zone is where it’s atYou’re starting to reassess things that you’ve always taken for granted, but in the long run this might be no bad thing, so try not to panic. You’re also back to your best when it comes to making friends and influencing people, so enjoy…

PiscesThe House of Aspiration is calling on youYou’re already getting distracted by the bright lights of Christmas, but make sure you spend a bit of time being sensible and thinking about your future. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.