This Week's Horoscopes - 22-28 October 2012

You've spent plenty of time considering your next move, this is the week for action!
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October 22, 2012
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AriesCelestial shifts require you to pay inYou might want to keep things superficial, but you’re going to have to start engaging with people and big projects at a much deeper level. You’ll probably hate working like this, but it will pay off in the long run, so take your medicine and get on with it!

TaurusThe Partnership Zone is alive and kickingYou’re going to have to decide if you’re in or out when it comes to certain romantic liaisons. You might be tempted to cut and run, but give it some proper thought – this might be the time to put your commitment issues to bed, once and for all.

GeminiThe Sun insists you get down to businessYou need to keep on the straight and narrow and get a bit more organised with the day-to-day stuff. It might seen far too boring, but it will all be worth it in the long run. Just beware the people who are trying to lead you astray. They know who they are…

CancerYour Speculation Chart is singled outYou’ve been so well behaved recently – now here’s the pay off. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get creative and have some fun. Plus, is that a sexy new stranger I spy coming round the corner? (Hint: yes it is!).

LeoHome is where the heart is (according to the planets)Things haven’t been going all that smoothly on the domestic front, and I’m afraid they still need a bit more work. Things will settle down, I promise, but for now you might have to accept that things aren’t going to be as perfect as you’d like.

VirgoYour Ruler Mercury is getting rigorousYou know you’re going to have to get whatever it is that’s bothering you off your chest. The sensible part of your brain tells you that it will make you feel better in the long run. The good news is, awkward conversations aside, you’ll uncover some pretty juicy secrets at the same time!

LibraSolar Rays illuminate your top prioritiesYou’re rolling in friends and admirers at the moment, but it’s all about quality rather than quantity I’m afraid. So, get ruthless, do a massive Facebook cull and sort the wheat from the chaff.

ScorpioLights, Camera, Action...You are the Star of the Show You’d like to crawl under your duvet and stay there, but it won’t change anything. So you might as well face the world and party instead. You’ll have to face some tough questions about who you are and what you want, but this can only be a good thing.

SagittariusHeavenly Bodies work in mysterious waysThis isn’t the week for lots of action – sit back, and listen to what everyone else is up to around you. You’ll be amazed at all the juicy information you absorb, as if through osmosis…

CapricornThe Networking Planets must be obeyedThe last thing you want to do it get out there and make nice with the rest of the world when you’ve got your own plans to get on with. Suck it up and do it anyway – don’t underestimate the importance of networking and schmoozing for your own projects.

AquariusAim for the Stars...You’ve spent far too long vacilating now – you’re going to have to actually implement some of these strategies you’ve been talking about. If you want to reach your potential you’re going to have to aim high and work harder.

PiscesThe Realm of the Exotic is calling youYou’re feeling distinctly restless, and now might be the perfect time to take that leap of faith you’ve been considering for a while. Take a gamble on the new people and places that come your way, and you won’t regret it. EXCITING!