This Week's Horoscopes - 19-25 November 2012

You've got heaps of energy this week, so make the most of it and GET THINGS DONE!
Publish date:
November 19, 2012
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Aries The Career Zone is kicking assYou’ve only got one thing on your mind this week, and that’s world domination. Prioritise your career over everything else this week and you won’t regret it. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out to get what you want, either.

TaurusThe Love Planet (your best friend) smiles on youYou’ve spent long enough recently giving other people what they want and putting yourself second, now’s the time to put yourself first. Demand a bit of unconditional adoration from someone (I’m not talking about your cat…).

GeminiMercury with Pluto makes incisive judgementsGet your basic life routine sorted out and everything else will fall into place. Maybe think about how you could do more to live more healthily. At the same time, you’re experiencing some fantastic mental clarity this week, so make the most of it!

CancerVenus smoothes things over in loveYou’re used to fiery passion in your relationships. Put don’t dismiss the gentle flirtation that comes your way this week. There may be a few less fireworks, but let’s face it, fireworks fizzle out pretty quickly don’t they?

LeoThe Sun throws rays onto the World of FunYou’ve put in all the ground work with your loved ones, and are finally starting to get something back from difficult relationships. Now it’s time to focus on having a bit of fun of your own. Don’t dismiss a potential new bit of stuff out of hand…

VirgoThe Domestic Goddess in you will come outGet the basics of your life sorted out and everything else will miraculously fall into place. Personal admin might sound incredibly boring, but I have no doubt you’ll find a way to make it fun.

LibraThe Money Planet is happy at homeYou’ve been trying to find a way out of a sticky situation for a while now, and a clear path out suddenly occurs to you, so get the hell out of there while you still can! You’ll also start to make sense of some tricky cash flow problems that have been on your mind.

ScorpioRomantic Venus makes her presence abundantly clearYou might only have time to prioritise the really important things this week, but don’t let that stop you noticing the fact that you’re completely irresistible to everyone you come across. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) will be eating out of your hands. Miaow.

SagittariusAn All-Star line-up says Lap up the LimelightYou have been holding back and keeping schtum for far too long now. In order to get what you want you’re going to have to speak up, so take a chance and go for what you really want in life.

CapricornPlanetary combos have penetrating insightYou’ve got bundles of energy right now, which is amazing, but not everyone will be able to cope with your newfound vigour, so tread carefully. Fortunately, you’re perceptive enough to work this out for yourself.

AquariusManic Mars and Wayward Uranus keep you busyI’m afraid if you were hoping for a quiet life it’s not happening just yet. However, I suspect you secretly prefer things to be full-throttle, yes? It’s no bad thing – although you’ll need to prepare yourself for the big battle ahead.

PiscesVenus meeting Neptune is the stuff of dreams.You’re finally getting the career boost you’ve been waiting for – so enjoy it! On a personal level, you’re charming all and sundry at the moment. Fickle, you?