This week's horoscopes - 17-23 September 2012

There's plenty going on this week - in fact, you might find yourself stretched in several different directions
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September 17, 2012
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AriesUranus squares up to Pluto and stirs things upThis week is the opposite of dull. Your plans might get thrown awry but embrace it – it will lead you down some very exciting avenues…

TaurusYour ruler Venus meets lucky JupiterIt’s all kicking off this week. The only let up from all the drama is an unexpectedly sweet romantic gesture. Enjoy the reprieve from all the explosive action going on around you.

GeminiYour Mercury ruler talks love and warYour love life is about to play havoc with your work world. One of them is bound to suffer, but which one will you choose?

CancerPowerful Pluto takes a positive turnThere’s no stopping you this week! You’ll knock any obstacles to your work ambitions clean out of the park. It’s a little bit terrifying, actually.

LeoMercury makes it especially good to talkEverything’s been cleared from your shit list, which means that now you can focus on the things that are most important to you. You’re brilliant at getting your point across, so make the most of it.

VirgoThe Money Houses are unpredictableYet again all eyes are on you, and as I said last week, you might as well learn to enjoy it because they aren’t going anywhere. This week, however, you may find that there’s an unexpected twist in the works.…

LibraThe Communication Planet is on your sideYou’ve got the best chat in the world this week, so make sure no-one else forgets this. You might also find yourself in some tricky situations at work and in the bedroom, so you’re going to need all the witty repartee at your disposal…

ScorpioYour Pluto ruler shifts up a gearYou might have felt like you’ve been going backwards for a while now, but that’s all about to change – you’ll be making loads of progress in every direction.

SagittariusYour own planet Jupiter goes all touchy-feelyIn theory this should be a big work week for you, and it’s a great opportunity to make headway with big projects. HOWEVER, there’s plenty of fun to be had as well, which is a tempting distraction. Try and get the balance right and you might be able to have both…

CapricornUranus and Pluto have a firm grip on youAll the problems that have been worrying you have started to resolve themselves, which is a big weight off your shoulders. Now that’s easing up you can start to think about how you get things done at home.

AquariusThe Rebel Planet (your very own) is hyper-activeYou’ve been waiting for an opportunity to shake things up a bit. Dramatic changes are afoot this week, but you might find yourself getting more than you bargained for, if you aren’t careful.

PiscesThe Realm of Agreements certainly gets interestingA friend is being difficult and downright contrary at the moment, but hold tight, things will resolve themselves soon enough. In fact, everything’s a bit disconcerting at the moment, but things will straighten out in time.