New-Agey Beauty Freakout: A Perfume for Every Zodiac Sign!

This perfume is my Justin Bieber.
Publish date:
September 2, 2011
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Hello, welcome to the EXACT thing that will make me FREAK OUT like one of those hysterical fan girls who loses her mind upon mere sight of her body of devotion: Astrological Fragrances by Strange Invisible. This perfume is my Justin Bieber.

First off, Strange Invisible is an exquisite fragrance company like no other, distilling organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic ingredients in the most gentle practices possible. I think of it like I think about food: Do I want to eat food that’s been roughed-up with chemicals and false genetics, and then carelessly yanked out of the earth and stripped of its essence? Hell no.

Besides kind practices, perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis is down with the mysteries of smell. Like, it’s this primal, odd thing that triggers our animal minds, the only sense with that power. Esoteric endeavors and fragrance, conceptually, are a perfect match. It’s why Dolce & Gabbana tried to do a fragrance line loosely based on the tarot, even though some of them smelled pretty gross, and were off in profile.

This is a whole different story.

The Astrological Fragrances are a limited-edition collection. There are 12 of them, and as of right now are being released in pairs of opposing signs through January. First up is Virgo and Pisces.

Hang on, I need a second before writing about this to compose myself. Does anyone else become strongly turned on in that special way when they get excited about something that is decidedly non-sexual?


Here’s my interpretation of Virgo, the sign: Orderly. Contained. Purposeful. Restrained. Pure. Motherly. And at the breaking point, completely effing wild in ways that are often scary.

Virgo the perfume is all purification ritual ingredients, earth and pristine flowers, such as roses and a delicate species of jasmine. So smart! A+ for concept execution. And look, I am not an “earth”/grounding perfume kind of lady, so it is naturally not going to be my favorite thing ever. That said, this is quite beautiful, delicate and not at all piss-stained-leathery as others in this category can be.

My interpretation of Pisces, the sign: Elusive. Dreamy. Fiercely idealistic. Difficult to catch, though once you do, totally loyal forever.

(Psst: I’m not an astrologer. Follow @ZodiacFacts on Twitter for some realness.)

Pisces the perfume is sharp and astringent at first, then quickly turns sweet. There’s a blast of citrus that runs and hides the second you recognize it. And then animalic and, to me, unidentifiable.

I get Virgo. I might not always like Virgo’s anal-retentive ways, but I get it. Pisces… oh, you Pisces folk know you are difficult to pin down. I like you and I like your freaky perfume.

I plan to review all of these as they're released, so stay tuned!