MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER WITH: Synchronicity Skills

They're good for all kinds of things, including sex and money.
Publish date:
July 8, 2011
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When random happy “coincidences” pop up, no matter how small, I like to think it means I’m right where I should be in the world. Noticing and appreciating them makes more of them happen. This, to me, is evidence of the interconnectedness of all that is, and if I want to go bolder I can even say that I’m the conductor (and co-conductor, in many cases) of all the interconnectedness I experience.

These “coincidences” don’t have to be all big and deep to be thrilling. In one case I was out carousing with a friend, shutting down a couple bars, singing karaoke where we were two of five people in the place.… She’s one of those make-out friends who inevitably I drink too much around and end up kissing. This time, and this time only, though I really wanted to take it further, and going home together would’ve been too weird. On our way to the train, I said, “Watch this.” I don’t know what possessed me—I just knew this would work. I walked up to the passenger side of a random (and very sweet vintage) car and lifted the door handle. It was unlocked. We got in and had at it, and locked the doors after we finished.

Another time I was talking to my uncle about feeling so in touch with Life that I could have a thousand dollars tomorrow if I wanted it. A couple hours later, heading out to midtown to the Apple store on a whim late at night, I found myself alone on the subway platform. There, on the bench, was a thousand-dollar bill labeled FUNNY MONEY. I guess the important lesson there was to make sure to specify currency.

What kinds of coincidences have you made happen? And what do you do to increase your synchronicity skills? I would recommend reading Busting Loose From the Money Game, which has the worst book jacket art ever invented, like it looks like some kind of joke, or possibly a test to see who is truly ready for the information contained inside. Its message is about finding financial freedom through a very useful, simple, and concrete meditative practice. I like this book because it recognizes the most basic, tangible form of energy we all use on a daily basis—money—and how to improve our relationship with it. From there, the process detailed in the book can be applied to anything that brings us stress, pain, worry, or strain.

The basic point is this: Express gratitude. For everything. Every bill you get is a chance to express appreciation for what you have in life. Emily pointed out in her post on gratitude that this sweetens perspective, and making it a daily practice will reap more to appreciate. When you’re in touch with this process, life rolls out the red carpet.