Make Your Life Better With: Motivational Post-Its

It works for me, anyway.
Publish date:
May 23, 2011
texting, motivation, positivity, affirmations

Writing affirmations to yourself has a bad rep as some kind of fake cheerful exercise in pretending you're not a loser. I like to write on Post-Its to kill that stigma, because then it feels more like a business kind of a reminder, as if it's my job to stay focused on what's good and true. I told a friend about it and she told me she twists her affirmative messages too, with art. The next day, she sent me a text message:

and I responded:

and hers:

And shortly afterward, when I walked out the door and got on the train, I saw this, and sent it to her:

Motivational Post-its everywhere! Try it.