Live Every Day Like You’re Skipping Town In Two Weeks

It’s the lighter, funner version of “You have 24 hours left to live -- what do you do?”
Publish date:
August 19, 2011
fun, advice, moving away, authenticity, Higher Self

Once I realized I wasn’t happy living in New York anymore, I remembered that the last time I made a huge premeditated move, from Chicago to Las Vegas, the two weeks before I left were some of the best I’d had in a long time.

I finally confessed my feelings to a lady I’d had a crush on for so long and we started dating, I booked a couple shows playing saxophone practically nude, and dressed up wilder than usual. So I decided a few months back to start pretending like I was moving away in two weeks.

Two weeks is enough time to visit those sites, museums, people and places you kept meaning to get to but just never did.

Or maybe it’s two weeks of complete re-invention, where you play a liberated version of yourself whom you always wish you had the guts to try pulling off.

It’s like finding out your health insurance is running out in two weeks so you cram in your dental work, lady check-ups, physicals, and anything else you can milk out of it (acupuncture? vitamin B shots? microdermabrasion?) all at once.

More importantly, you start acting like You. You’re leaving this awful cage that’s been holding you back and making you feel miserable, and it is time to celebrate, dammit.

When you’re free, you’re more authentically who you really are. You say what you mean, thinking that no one will be judging you, and if they are, what the hell do you care -- you’re leaving anyway! Freedom from absorbing other people’s judgments is true power.

A certain mischief kicks in where having fun becomes top priority, and weirdly it’s in tandem with the urge to get your act together: pare stuff down, organize paperwork to minimize a sloppy move, tie up loose ends, complete or let go of unfinished projects. It’s the best of both worlds, you in party mode and you in TCB mode.

You are perfection when you’re leaving town in two weeks, and everybody loves you.

When you seek happiness and conduct yourself in a way that aligns with you at your most sincere, your life starts playing out exactly how you deeply believe it should. You may be surprised -- if things start getting too nuts or feeling unnecessarily dark, perhaps that’s an alert to start adjusting how you feel about yourself. If it all starts falling into perfect alignment, where it seems like your secret wishes are effortlessly coming true (and trust me, this does happen), it means you are listening to and rewarding your Higher Self.

And if pretending you’re leaving doesn’t work, you might want to consider actually picking up and leaving. Which is what I'm in the process of doing right now.

So what would you do if you were leaving town in two weeks? (And now there is nothing stopping you, so go!)