Can the Trinfinity8 Fix Your Soul With Math?

I got to test out theTrinfinity8, a 10-minute session that was supposed to clear my gateways to reach the higher version of myself.
Publish date:
May 27, 2011

There is a theory that everything in our universe has a mathematical signature, from a gingko tree to a yeast infection, from our DNA to the blueprint of creation.

If we could somehow discover and take in the code for health and wellness, then we could reprogram ourselves to total rejuvenation. This is what a new technology called Trinfinity8 proposes, and founder/clinical psychologist Dr. Kathy Forti claims to have harnessed this exact science. And I got to try it.

Some years back, a deep sense of loss begat visions of a swirling vortex, into which Dr. Kathy Forti traveled feet-first at the speed of light, returning into her body temporarily half paralyzed. Afterward, an obsession with quantum physics ensued, as super geeky spirit guides took over her system and got her up to speed in fields of really smart people math.

Over the course of five years she came up with software and this generator thingy that hooks up to your computer to purportedly translate pure mathematical algorithms for wellness of all kinds -- stress, depression, gray hair, etc. -- into subtle vibrations zapped into large crystal wands that you hold in your hands. In this way the body is able to absorb code that is a “road map to its ideal self,” as goes the literature.

At the New Life Expo in NYC I got to test out this Trinfinity8 biz, a quick 10-minute overview session that was supposed to clear my gateways to reach the higher version of myself. I put on the headphones and grabbed hold of these amazing, large, iridescent crystal spears, as deep, angelic harmonies filled my ears. These were Solfeggio sound frequencies, which are considered to impart deep spiritual blessings; ancient Gregorian chanting used these tones, for example. Animated fractals squiggled around on the computer screen, dilating and contracting, exploding into rapidly changing color patterns. My hands started to tingle, and I felt deeply relaxed. Whatever the hell was going on, it felt like the future.

I love stuff like this. I want to believe. So I do. The part of me that likes to be a true observer, however, has to admit that a setup like this -- crystals, fractals, deeply soothing tones -- would automatically create the sense of going into some kind of zone.

Also, science is still exploring math like this. At the same time, public science is also still trying to get its head around near-death experiences, ESP, and other intangible “supernatural” phenomena that are almost accepted as common knowledge. So public science is like Bill Murray in a neon orange camouflage shirt at a party in "Lost in Translation," often showing up way too late to the game, trying to act cool and hip and onto something that makes it look like a geezer.

It’s difficult to assess how Trinfinity8 works, if it does: Is it the tones? The wicked fractals? The sense that something Big is happening? The actual technology? And at $8K for the system, it’s clear there’s a motivation of profit -- though are benefits canceled out merely by the desire to make money off of them?

More importantly, could absorbing math like this have helped me pass Calculus 2 in high school? Deep questions, Trinfinity8, deep questions.