Aww, I Found a Children's Book on Chakras!

This baby is a rainbow.
Publish date:
August 26, 2011
shoppables, books, children, chakras

My pregnant sister is so ready to rumble, within spitting distance of giving birth. She’s enormous and dilated, and the baby, who I’m calling Boots for now, has kicked out the mucus plug. (Sorry to say “mucus plug” in the first two sentences.)

The nursery's waiting. My family's all trying not to talk too much about it, lest the baby get spooked and pull some groundhog shit and make us wait a bunch of extra days.

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to be a good aunt to this kid, my first niece or nephew from my only sibling, especially since I will be living so far away.

Visiting as often as I’m able is a given, as is lots of special presents, listening and loving and encouraging Boots to be a little bad sometimes. (I think rebellion is a healthy and necessary part of intelligence. Sorry if this bothers you, sis!)

Also, I’d been looking for the perfect book that will remind Boots of me when I’m not around. I just found it this week.

"I AM a Rainbow" (as opposed to I Am a Rainbow by Dolly Parton, this is a new children's book with one extra capital letter by Roseanne D’Erasmo Script) is not a tremendous feat of literature, let’s be honest. It is, however, full of information, instilling ideas about grace, love for everyone, tranquility and the power to heal. Say something like that to a kid, and their magic detectors start squealing.

The story is very simple: Two children take a walk through a garden with their teacher, who kicks it all off by asking, “Did you know that you have a rainbow within you?” From there they go on a somewhat trippy journey, learning about colors and how they correspond to energy centers called chakras.

The students catch on to this stuff pretty quickly, as kids do.

Along the way they discuss how the emotional state is connected to the physical body, choice and self-esteem, trust in the self, faith, compassion, bravery and living in the now.

I’m sure at a certain point my niece or nephew will turn a corner and think this is all very gay, in both the derogatory/not cool sense of the word and in a homosexual way. Before then, this seems like the perfect way to keep Boots open to the intuition and power of creation that made him or her appear in the first place.

What else can I do? I would love some rad aunt tips!