Ask Liz: Why Was I Just Called a Fat C-Word?

"Is there something in the stars?"
Publish date:
January 19, 2011
astrology, insults, mercury

Dear Liz,

Is there something in the stars? I am Scorpio with Scorpio rising and Taurus moon. My birthday is 11/11/62. Yesterday afternoon I got text-yelled at for something someone else did and then just now I got called a cunt and a fat cunt in an email. What is up? I could tell you the whole sagas if it would be helpful. In my view, I don't think I am doing anything cunty and am on the thin side if anything.


I’d say Scorpio with Scorpio rising sounds less “fat cunt” than “crazy bitch,” so let’s move on from your individual chart. Have you ever heard someone blame her shit on Mercury being in retrograde? It’s a little annoying for a few reasons:

1. Often these people pay no attention to the stars except for when they get to play victim to ’em. 2. Scapegoating in general is disempowering.3. Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year (we were lucky in 2010, we got an extra bonus round too), so an average adult who's aware of Mercury’s power to thwart should be somewhat used to this by now.

This said, right now, Mercury is in retrograde. That cunt.

Mercury is a tiny eccentric hothead that produces tornadoes in its magnetic field and features a geological landmark scientifically called “Weird Terrain.” Astrologically speaking, it’s the planet that rules all forms and tools of communication and transportation, two things that inherently have a slippery, if not illusory, quality. So when the planet goes retrograde -- meaning thanks to orbit patterns, it appears to be backpedaling from Earth’s point of view -- all this gets real nutty. (All planets do this, not just Mercury. There’s a very good explanation of it here.)

The actual retrograde part lasts about three weeks. Taking into account the shadow (a warm-up phase of about as long), and the point before it zooms ahead of us (another couple weeks), we’re talking a good couple months of feeling like nothing’s going right and there’s nothing you can do about it. Email gets screwy, logic is misconstrued, getting somewhere takes much longer than usual for really strange reasons and people send cruel, misdirected text messages. I know one person whose not-old laptop recently started literally shocking her -- have you ever heard of such madness?

And the big thing is feeling understood, or capable of understanding, other people and points of view. Lots of arguments and even breakups happen. The latter has happened to me three consecutive Mercury retrogrades. It’s almost comical from one perspective, totally not from another. You have to ask yourself: Does this stuff only happen when Mercury pulls its optical tricks? Or are deeper issues prohibiting you from your right to abundance, peace, and love? Mercury’s bullshit is really good for bringing your awareness to these limitations so you can work out the kinks and leave them in the dust.