Ask Liz: What Does My Naked Dream Mean?

"Aside from sex dreams, I often have dreams where I am in public places or with people I know and I am completely naked."
Publish date:
June 1, 2011
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Hey Liz,I tend to have very vivid dreams and can remember most of them long after I'm awake. I’ve noticed that a lot of my dreams over the years involve nudity. Aside from sex dreams, I often have dreams where I am in public places or with people I know and I am completely naked. The funny thing is, I never seem to mind in the dream. Sometimes I realize I'm having a naked dream while I'm asleep and I think "Oh gosh, again?" or "Wow, look at me naked again and oblivious." I know a common theme in dreams is showing up to a public place in your birthday suit, but usually the person in the dream is totally embarrassed. What does it mean if you're showing up somewhere naked and unashamed?


Hi Samantha,

If there was no value in universal archetypes and symbology, we wouldn’t have such things as Jesus/Buddha/Horus, Romeo and Juliet, or tarot cards. And Carl Jung is a rad dude and all, though I believe the best guide to your dreams is not so much the objects, subject matter and events inside and around them -- it’s your emotions about it all. When you’re trying to figure out what something means, ask yourself, “How did I feel?” My uncle taught me this trick when I was a kid and it’s very, very useful when breaking shit down.

So let’s do that here.

You say you really don’t mind being naked. Perhaps that implies some kind of self-acceptance? Is your subconscious trying to tell you that you’re actually completely fine with who you are? I’m not sure. Maybe you already know this, and that kind of “no duh” thing can be frustrating when you’re looking to really dig in. That’s just what happens sometimes: You are already connected to your deepest feelings about something. Good for you!

Anyway, you are the only true guide to your dreams. So start there, with your own feelings about being totally OK in situations that most people would find mortifying, and then take it from there. Look back at something else in your dream and say, “How did I feel about that?” It is surprisingly elucidating and insanely simple. And isn’t that the point of demystification?