ASK LIZ: Should I Sign a Contract While Mercury's in Retrograde?

Morgan's closing on her home while Mercury's in retrograde. Good or bad idea?
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August 5, 2011
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Hi Liz!

I am a Capricorn (born Dec 29) and getting ready to close on a house on August 17. However, Mercury is in retrograde all month long, and I'm feeling incredibly antsy signing a long-term commitment while Mercury's out of phase. Retro Merc tends to throw me for a loop when it comes to paperwork and the like. Any thoughts?

Thanks much!Morgan

Hey Morgan!

I talked to Jane about the logistics of Mercury retrograde, and how it seems to come as a handy excuse for people who rarely seem to have their act together anyway. I didn’t mention the real issues around this phenomenon.

Mercury is all about communication, travel, technology, and contracts. When it goes retrograde, these aspects tend to get a bit wobbly. If there's a problem embedded in there, it'll come out sooner or later if it's initiated when the planet is retrograde.

Serious astrologers warn against purchasing equipment or signing on the line, and to be prepared for delays or weirdness when trying to get somewhere. I get annoyed when people blame their issues on retrograde Mercury—take charge of your life, dammit! At the same time, you can be in the driver’s seat and still watch things unravel or get wacky. And during Mercury retrograde, they truly do.

Are you having a difficult time communicating something to a friend? Are you hitting speed bumps trying to move away? Did your camera just break? Are you breaking up with a partner? Are you having unnecessary troubles posting things to your blog (like I am, trying to get this thing up right now)? This, my friend, is Mercury retrograde.

Last time I signed a contract during this period was for a new job. My first day at work was a total dream—I had no idea I was in the position I was in. All my colleagues were so nice almost to an extreme. I was given a new computer, phone, assistant, corporate credit card, and even had access to a company jet. Amazing! Screw you, Mercury, I thought. And as I went on, I realized that every single element of getting me set up in the system went haywire. I could never connect to our company’s server. Then my power cable fried out my computer. There were serious interpersonal issues that no one addressed and didn’t involve me, yet highly affected my work. And then the company folded.

Does this mean that every contract signed in the whole wide world over the course of the next month will have some horrible repercussions? No. However! I would watch for the “twist.” There will be one. I’m in the process of signing a lease on a new home too, and I have similar reservations as you do. If you can put off the contract, do it. I can’t, and I assume you can’t either. If you’ve done all your proper inspections thoroughly and have your bank stuff in order, you’re going to be fine. So will your house. Just laugh when you hit that twist.