Ask Liz: Did I Pay Too Much for My Crystals?

"I bought these three rocks for $120. Did I get ripped off?"
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March 4, 2011
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Dear Liz, I bought these three rocks for $120. Did I get ripped off? -JANE

PS: I do feel calmer and clearer since they've been on my kitchen windowsill. I thought my 7-year-old daughter might feel a little positive energy from the topaz(?) but she says she feels nothing.

Hi Jane,


I'm afraid I have to say that most likely you were overcharged. However, the thing with this stuff is that it's not very common in NYC so the entire market is overpriced (on top of everything here set at a "New York" price to begin with). Then again, I think if you touch something and you're really tuned into its vibration, there's no such thing as costing too much, especially if you have the money and you're willing to spend it.

Also, I'm not sure that middle one is topaz, if that's the one you're thinking it is. Topaz generally has a good amount of translucence. Looks to me, from purple to white: Amethyst cluster, some sort of tumbled combo of maybe Chrysocolla or Chyrsoprase or Jade and something else (or could just be a bi-colored version of any of those), and then a quartz point.

Amethyst is such a chill, multi-useful stone, one of those "you can't go wrong with this one" selections. It's all about contentment and balance among the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual facets of our being. It's also one of those super psychic crystals, one that connects the earth with all kinds of other planes. Interesting how you intuitively balanced its dreaminess with something that looks like it has some heft -- whatever that bean-shaped pebble baby is there in the middle. That it's most likely been changed from whatever form it started in (probably something rough and not so pretty) and then polished to look like an art object, to me, seems like it has its own quiet, contained seriousness. And then you've got that quartz point to focus all of what's going on on that ledge. Nice move pairing it with light, perfume, a flower. (I am super curious about that translucent octagonal pedestal thingy, btw.) You have almost all the elements there: earth (the stones, the flower), fire (the sun), water (perfume). Now open that window and let the breeze in over them and you've got a powerful little sacred space!

One other tip: If you soak them in water in the sunlight for a few hours, you can "clear" them. maybe that'd spice up the communication between your daughter and the stones.