Twenty-two years ago, Michelle Kosilek, then Robert, murdered her wife. Now in prison, she wants to surgically transition to female, and the state of Massachusetts might be paying for it. I'm actually totally OK with this.
In one year, I got pregnant with my boyfriend and I gave birth with my girlfriend.
It's important to avoid conflating non-binary sex and gender identities with being born intersex, as these are very different identity categories.
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And Donald Trump is offended that THIS IS THE FIRST SCANDAL EVER TO ROCK HIS MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT CORPORATION. Well, except for all the others.
After years of abuse, torment, and neglect, after years of having adults ignore her needs, Jane was tossed into a lockbox in the ultimate punishment for daring to exist, and daring to assert her own humanity.
To maintain my crochety curmudgeon "Never happy with ANYTHING" status, I'm required to tell you that these changes aren't perfect.

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This creates a separate -- and unequal -- treatment for trans versus cis people in the health care system, where trans people are being denied care not just for their transition-related medical needs, but also other, unrelated conditions.
No matter the individual, no matter the group, no matter how liberal or accepting you think someone is – they’re BOUND to let you down when it comes to steering clear of transphobia.
People see me smiling all the time and ask, "Why are you so happy?" My smile comes from being able to be me.
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In a few short weeks, this issue has become much more than just a fight about a high school popularity contest. It has become a huge battle for the LGBT community.
Many vicious and hurtful things were said about me online, in the media and in the School Board meeting; hurtful and false.
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If CeCe McDonald had been a white woman who had successfully defended herself from a group of drunken attackers threatening rape and violence, she probably would not be in jail right now.
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At what point does “privilege” become “abuse”?
The mismatch between "Dallas Buyers Club" and not just reality but the pulse of pop culture when it comes to the depiction of trans women is a marker of how far we've come in terms of the depiction and handling of trans women.
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Lorena Escalera’s life as a performer and model was cut short, and the Times decided to mark that by sensationalising and exploiting her death.

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An estimated 260 people died worldwide last year specifically because they were transgender/transsexual, many horrifically. They were beaten to death, they were burned, they were shot.

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The idea of transition scared me more than anything I had ever considered in my life. I could lose my job, my relationship, everyone and everything in my life.
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Like most trans people, I’ve had to be strategic and creative in piecing together my transition.
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Imagine trying to do something that requires ID with an identification that doesn’t appear to be you. And imagine doing it over and over again and having to explain the situation to people who may be actively hostile and aggressive.
CeCe McDonald is currently living with the general population of a men's prison in Minnesota. The question remains of whether she can ever really be safe as long as she's incarcerated.

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For most people, biology is destiny and that’s all — but for some, biology is a confusing, fraught, and frustrating concept, because their external bodies don’t match their internal feelings.