How do you remind yourself to not compare your relationship to other people's? Probably starting by not reading stupid surveys about romance, I guess.
Because love that doesn’t involve drinking poison, jumping off a cliff, or stabbing yourself in the heart with a dagger ain’t no love at all.
unpopular opinion
After analyzing top-grossing romantic comedies from the first kiss to dramatic denouement, psychologists at Heriott-Watt University concluded that they can wreak havoc on real-life romances. The reason: their misleading relationship rules and ideals.
The proposal was perfect for us, but in the days following, I continuously got that look from people that said, "That's it?"
Please don't put rose petals anywhere.
I've seen publications post stories promoting Valentine's Day survival kits. Really??
Some modern couples are allowing each other to have online flings, flirtations, and sexytimes despite being in a committed relationship. That's cool, but I wouldn't be able to pull it off.
Nothing forms a stronger bond than sharing a mutually enjoyable meal, bonus points if there is an element of guilt involved.
Languages are not neutral; it’s not so much that I am a different person in English, but the language I have at my disposal does influence the way I speak and interact with people, and the way they see me.
Once, in the dusty annals of my romantic career, a mix CD fucking moved me.

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I’ve made a list for you to put in your wallet right next to your free sub card for reference the next time someone grinds up on you at a foam party. (I haven’t left my house since 1998. And also I love subs.)

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I think the most excellent and mature decision of my adult life was to start skateboarding at 36 years old.
I believed her: Some people have rich parents, these things were not mine to worry about, I didn't care, I didn't want to know.
I thought writing “You know how to drive a stick shift” was explicit enough while describing my ideal mate for my online dating profile, but I was really, really wrong.
When engraved rings aren't enough for the magnitude for the emotions you have for your boyfriend or whatever.
Not that you'd know it from men's media.
party planning
I’m the kind of person who likes to GO to parties, not plan them. Unless I want a cookie-cutter, tissue-paper and navy ribbon kind of wedding, I’m gonna have to work harder than I want to.
being single
Five steps to feeling absolutely fantastic about it being "just you."
Every once in a while, lesbians are the cutest things ever.