I hope that the “No Baby Shower” will raise awareness that one in eight people struggle with fertility issues.
If you’ve never been pregnant or you’re not a woman, you might not be aware of the pressure that is placed upon women to breastfeed.
I was so, so sad, but felt like I had no right to be. I had read so many stories about miscarriages in the second trimester, my grief didn't feel valid in comparison.
After I gave birth, the breasts remained, and as the rest of my body shrank, they became a more and more pronounced part of my physique. I felt, frankly, pornographic.
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It's not that I actually think fetuses are the same as parasites. But I kind of do.
At the age of 40, there was no time to dilly-dally. If I wanted biological children, I had to do something fast.
Something super weird and disturbing happens right around then, and it has nothing to do with the hoped-for baby. Dashiell discovers our New York Times wedding announcement posted on a hate site on the Internet.

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The last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear is that you think she’s looking big.
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I stopped looking like I was pregnant and then it was time to try to get pregnant again.
Maybe, I reasoned, it was high time the show featured a Bloated, Knocked-Up Bride Who Does Not Give a Damn.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
It just feels so lousy to have to detail the vagaries of your inherited mental health.
But what about that dark-skinned black woman in their promotional video?! What about the picture of that black midwife hanging on their wall?!
Staying quiet for 12 weeks while you grow a human being inside of you is nothing short of completely insane.

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getting pregnant with michelle tea
This body of mine, that I’ve so worried just wouldn’t be a hospitable place for a baby to grow, is growing a baby.
As World Prematurity Day nears, I write so that others who’ve been through this know they’re not alone. I’ll never know why I lost my daughter, but I do know that life goes on despite the pain.
I never thought I would survive giving birth without an epidural, but crazier things have happened.
Once I became visibly pregnant, I quickly learned that anticipating or blithely hoping someone notices you smacks of self-entitlement and a “notice me” nadir that is futile in the subways of New York City.

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These "health care professionals" are really scary.

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My #1 priority was a healthy baby, but escaping pain was a close second.
My mom is also in town for our injection workshop at the fertility clinic. Rather than dump her at a café or leave her home with Rodney, we take her along.
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Other animals chew the cord off shortly after birth, but as a vegan, this option did not appeal to me.