I know that tantrums are annoying. I live with a toddler, I bear witness to anywhere from three to roughly five hundred tantrums a day. It doesn’t get easier. The screaming doesn’t become any more pleasant. It’s brutal. It’s also completely normal toddler behavior.
I feel pretty secure in the knowledge that not wanting my own children is not the same thing as being a heartless, selfish, baby-hating bon vivant.
being a mom
The world of women will not always be a welcoming place, as I learned with my first violent shove into the world of mommy blogging.
disability rights
To be a disabled child, or a disabled adult who needs supportive care, is to know that your life is literally in the hands of the people you rely on to love and care for you. And those people may well think that murdering you would be doing you a favor.
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Kids aren’t going to be traumatized by a stranger politely telling them not to do something that could potentially harm them, or is just a social norm.
scary kid movies
I'm four and a half months pregnant, and I've begun to revisit everything I experienced as a child with the perspective of a clueless parent-to-be.

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Where once I felt very protective as a pet owner, I now felt it was necessary to protect my human baby from my cat baby. And I didn't expect how sad that would make me feel.
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I used to see motherhood as a beautiful, selfless thing. But as I continued to work with mothers, to talk with them, I realized that moms are actually the most selfish people in the universe.
Modern moms seem to be on a kick to bring their child-rearing techniques back to the Dark Ages, and my technology-obsessed, processed-food-loving heart can’t deal with the sanctimoniousness.
Sometimes I want to run out of my house and yell out to every parent that sends their kids to school to “STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW! YOU’RE MESSING IT ALL UP.”
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When I wiped, I saw a single white worm on the toilet paper. Like any sane person would do, I freaked out, sobbing hysterically at 5 am.
Of the many terrifying responsibilities of parenthood, I consider teaching my son how to eat properly one of the most important.

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If everyone could just mind their own damned business when it came to who has kids and who doesn’t, we’d all be happier people. Trust me on this one, people.
I mean it’s one thing to imagine someone harboring ill sentiments towards your child. But to actually hear those thoughts expressed with such clarity and vehemence?
I would know, since I'm definitely not my mother's.
Adoption is many things, but here's what it's not -- giving back your children.
slut shaming
I'm so tired of this overbearing “protective” dad BS where some dude makes a big production out of the clothes his daughter wears and claims it's about her self-worth and dignity or whatever.
Working moms, stay-at-home moms -- I think we’re all pretty hard on ourselves and are often questioning whether we’re doing the right thing.
I have the equivalent of a huge, uh, package in this arena, but I hate the competition around it -- my friends who couldn’t do it had to deal with shame and guilt piled on by moms who should have been supportive.
Babies in general require a lot of scooping and bending and I frankly don't dress appropriately for that kind of movement.

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I’m surprised at how much my Special Snowflake attitudes have eased my transition into motherhood. Not only that: in the long term, I think they’ll make me a happier, more effective parent.