If someone wrote this book about me, it would be called Ashley, Fat and Talkative.

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Meet Matilda Wormwood, the patron saint of Little Girls Who Like Reading.

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For some reason, it never occurred to me that I could simply make all of my Southern favorites myself. These were always things that were made for me, as an act of love.
Aw, remember LiveJournal? I still go back to check on old friends, though it feels like visiting a ghost town (and confronting unpleasant former versions of myself can be ... unpleasant).
I’m not saying you HAVE to listen to nothing but “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child while you read this, but it really ties the article together.

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Not to get all cane-shaking about it, but what do the disaffected youth watch today, without a young Christian Slater to be the smirking antihero who shows them how to defy authority and destroy everything?
ya lit
Remember that time when kids weren't expelled for being jerks?
summer camp
I still get nostalgic when I think about my camp days (and in the summertime, those days pop into my head often). Anyone else? Let's swap camp stories!
Maybe we feed on misery because sometimes, it’s the best way to actually feel something, and this might be the most depressing point that “Heathers” has to make.
flowers in the attic
Having a great time in the attic! Weather looks like it’s possibly beautiful! Wish you were here! Love, The Dollangangers
Reason #1: It is a movie whose plot hinges on the very real dangers of illegal abortion.
favorite places
Some of these places don't exist for me any more, some do, some I'll probably never be able to visit again, some hopefully I will be able to.
spice girls
Because nothing goes with plastic shoes like streamer barrettes. There's a lot of pictures in this one.
I understand why you should give clothes away. I mean, I understand the logical reasoning behind it.
Despite my interest in style and beauty, perfume has never really been my game. Like, just make me smell nice, you know?
Letters make me feel like I am whispering to a friend on the riverbank on a hot summer day, the air alive with the smell of bay laurel and the water so still that it looks like glass.

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1990: I start using hair gel, still trying to perfect my irritatingly soft curls, an impossible task in the year-round humidity of South Florida. I favor a brand called Stiff Stuff. My resulting hair crunches like dry leaves.

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xoJane editors share their prom photos and stories.

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kate winslet
"Titanic" is as much about 1997 as 1912 as a touchstone of the hubris and optimism of an age; forgive me for saying so, but I believe it is much more difficult to make an earnest, naïve love story like this today.
I showed up to the dinner table in my ninja suit and pulling out a large butterfly knife to cut my meat. We were having Vaca Frita (Cuban Fried Beef) and my butter knife just wasn’t sharp enough.