family drama
As a Muslim, I didn’t want my kids to decorate her Christmas trees. We argued, it was ugly, we stopped talking.
When I'm drunk, I'm on vacation from being a mom. My shift has ended, and I am now like a tax-write-off dependent and my friends are my guardians.
Modern moms seem to be on a kick to bring their child-rearing techniques back to the Dark Ages, and my technology-obsessed, processed-food-loving heart can’t deal with the sanctimoniousness.
The author of a new book about fertility delivers a hard truth: that biology doesn't always align with our rosy feminist ideals.
elizabeth street
For several months, my husband and I have been trying to sleep train our 9-month-old baby so he sleeps the entire night, but all our efforts have backfired.

it happened to me
I have the equivalent of a huge, uh, package in this arena, but I hate the competition around it -- my friends who couldn’t do it had to deal with shame and guilt piled on by moms who should have been supportive.
A new study by a somewhat iffy researcher concludes that the higher a woman's IQ, the less likely she is to want children. Thoughts?
having it all
With a happy family and a career, I generally feel like I've got it made. According to the current cultural dialogue, however, I do not "have it all" -- I have two halves that don't make a whole.
maternity leave
I always secretly believed that the whole “motherhood is the hardest job in the world” line was condescending bullshit, and I was right -- sort of.
I'd always thought of pregnancy as a bucket-list experience, something big that I wanted to do once -- and only once -- before I died.
the frisky
Today, I’m 25-years-old and my desire to become a mother is stronger than ever before. I feel like my body’s been screaming to get pregnant for years. Some might say hormones are messing with my head; they probably are.
married life
I suddenly realized that the thinner my man got, the worse I felt about myself.
Kids are boring. Yep. I said it. Here, take my Mother of The Year award and replace it with a bottle of Jameson’s, because I’m going there.
Having a week where I don’t have to put anyone to bed, or be the disciplinarian, or wait until after 9:00 p.m. to watch my recorded HBO shows is THE BEST.
Becoming a parent is mind-blowing for everyone, but I think it's harder when you're older because, as the British woman says in her article, you've become extremely set in your ways.
I had daydreams of a vibrant social life with other twenty-somethings parents; we would drink tea while our children napped in their trendy strollers. After almost four years, I can safely say: um, not the case.
The joy and the wonder of having new life growing inside of you, the fierce bond you develop with your fetus and the supposedly hot fetish sex. I pretty much hated every moment of it.
birth shaming
If you don’t know a woman well enough to know how she feels about what’s happening with her vagina, then you don’t know her well enough to advise her on it.
My family fantasy centered around me, a feminist dude partner, and two adopted daughters that I could call Mary and Margot after my favorite lady monarchs. Our home would ooze estrogen and empowered ladyhood.

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ihtm contest
Fifteen weeks pregnant, on a Friday night, while watching "Kitchen Nightmares" and gorging on Taco Bell I began hemorrhaging.
it happened to me
What’s the point of secure matching ID numbers if you’re just going to arbitrarily hand over kids to someone who might kinda sorta look like them?