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Oh, by the way, this is THE WORST POST I'VE EVER WRITTEN.
adam lanza
Over the weekend, the viral blog post “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” spoke to the complicated relationship of a mother to a potentially dangerous and mentally ill son. xoJane asked a psychiatrist to respond.
mental health
By all means, let’s improve mental health services in the US. Please. We desperately need it. But if you want to talk about how to prevent rampage violence, I’m afraid you’re going to need to move on to other subjects.
how not to be a dick
People with ADHD have gotten the “why don't you just pay attention/try harder/get organized” speech by well meaning and not so well meaning strangers, friends and family members hundreds of time.
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Everyone seems to have one, but no one seems to be one, or want to admit they are, or know that they are. But we do exist. And we are human beings.
social anxiety
Once upon a time, a customer service rep asked for my phone number at the end of a call. Now, I avoid phone calls like the plague.
how not to be a dick
If you have a friend who is a therapist, remember they’re your friend first and a therapist second, and they’re not your own personal therapist ever.
mental illness
With each new request, I feel this extreme conflict internally. How petty to resent him wanting to stay over when he says he feels “unsafe” at his home.
By the time I understood this personality disorder, we had two daughters, were almost 2 million dollars in debt and I had lost every ounce of respect that I once had for this man.
mental health
Would they fire me? Would they judge me? Do they think I'm just making excuses? Was this a mistake?
mental health
I was fidgety, inattentive, and had a hard time putting together sentences that were longer than one or two words. According to my doctors, this was "good," because it was a sign that my medication was working.
My acupuncturist tells me that my liver is fatigued, and I know that antidepressants are harsh on the liver. So.
mental health
My goal has ultimately not been to find a professional who is trained in every one of my many inherent mental health challenges, but rather to find one that doesn’t fire me.
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I have Sam Waterston's home phone number, which over the last 15 years I have called four times, when I was having a panic attack and knew that hearing the sound of his voice on his answering machine would soothe me.
I’ve always been depressed, but that shouldn’t hold me back from traveling. I already have enough to worry about, from graduating university to saving for my next trip and planning where to go.
you are the advice columnist
We don't know how to tell her we don't want to live with her again because we know her reaction will be emotional, traumatic, and potentially dangerous.
I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm and slept for 10 hours. Who am I anymore? The dark world of fall/winter is destroying me.
Today's my first free Thursday afternoon in over 3 years, and it feels weird-good.

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Lately, my mantra is "I am made of love." Yeah, it's kind of dumb, but that's OK. BECAUSE I'M MADE OF LOVE.
I find myself fascinated with the ways people find to hold it together: whether with drinking, drugs prescribed and scored, strings of sexual partners, knitting, cutting, calling their mom every Sunday to cry into the phone
adventures in crazy brain
The question is not whether you know mental illness exists, but what you are going to do about it.