Because sometimes I think I might be doing it wrong. Either that, or all this annoying flaky friend-fade-out business is just a California thing.
beauty tutorial
There was a catch. I had never learned how to maintain or style a haircut. Oh.
delicious delicious food
People, I promise you that with a few simple tools, you, too, can produce deliciously carnivorous dinners without flipping out. Put the pasta away, we’re about to shake and bake.
hair dye
My entire adult life, I’ve wanted to recapture a touch of that cobalt blue badassness I had for two hours before my mom made me wash it out.
how to
Who in the universe taught you it was OK to order a woman to go on a date with you while she’s trapped behind a counter and has nowhere to go and is trying to work??
creative slump
Usually, the ideas come easy. But sometimes, just sometimes, they don't. What do we do then?
thought catalog
First, you have to release the shame about casual sex. “Just sex” is an awesome thing.
hair tutorials
I recently cut my hair and it’s now the perfect length for full on Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" hair.
Can't get enough tomatoes, garlic, basil and CARBS? Then this post is for you.

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I was under the impression that beehives and bouffants were the same thing, but turns out, a beehive is technically a bigger, more exaggerated version of a bouffant. I’m going to show you the easiest way to create your own, whether you want to go big and beehive it all the way or stay classy and subdued with a smaller bouffant.
From interns, for interns -- use these tips to get the most out of your internship.
little people
Your penis is not an item for sale on eBay and I'm not the penny next to it showing scale.
In which I lead my first tutorial -- and you can finally hear my weird, hybrid accent.
Taste aside, making nut milk is incredibly cheap, and good for those who spend an abundance of time in their kitchen, and/or want to know EXACTLY what they're eating.

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My glitter nail polish life has been changed.
how to
If something isn’t not useful, functional or beautiful, give it the stink eye and an eviction notice.
It’s not EXpresso. We do judge you for that one.
Because nothing goes with plastic shoes like streamer barrettes. There's a lot of pictures in this one.
how to
How to make your own velvety flocked glasses. (Forgive me, Internet, for I have made New Kids On The Block references.)
Seven suggestions to help you look completely opposite from how I did at prom.

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