family drama
My bank account is a constant reminder that I only have one parent and that the other one is never coming back.
A few months after my sister's suicide, I was planning to return home to NYC when my boyfriend called to tell me he was “sorry, but he couldn’t deal with my grief anymore.”
What you think losing a child would be like is nothing like how it actually is.

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"So here I find myself in the psych ward, on the fifth floor, which I’m continuously assured is for the 'least crazy' or 'most stable' of us."
child abuse
I'm only now speaking publicly about why I wrote the vicious obituary. Even in death, this woman still gives me nightmares.
philip seymour hoffman
A lot of people are talking about what could have been done to "help" Phil. I want to talk about how he helped everyone he ever met.
Why is a celebrity's path toward serious health problems or death something to take macabre delight in, while a woman discussing the ordinary and often very mundane facts of death is someone to shut down?
I'm hoping reading your guy's experiences will give me some insight and help me support him as well as I can.
Almost every doctor I went to see seemed to just go ahead and assume I was crazy before I even sat down, probably because I wrote or circled things on my forms like "Celexa, 40 mg daily," "Buspar, 30 mg daily" and "history of substance abuse."

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I’ve never had anyone I was very close with die, maybe it’s like this all the time.
getting old
I still struggle to accept the certainty of death.

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...And there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Researchers say near-death experiences can be chalked up to an 'electrical surge in a dying brain.' Yes, my dreams are shattered.
I've been a horror-movie junkie since I was a kid. As an adult, I graduated to trashy true-crime books and TV (plus an inexhaustible passion for "Law & Order: SVU"). It's slightly embarrassing, but I'm not alone in this -- am I? Let's discuss.
For Simon, this is a compelling use of social media, but it's also a personal journey -- and I hope it helped him find peace in what was undoubtedly one of the most trying times of his life.

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see your folks
Being reminded of my mom's mortality -- though gut-punching as it may be -- is a necessary wake-up call.
six flags
Growing up in Texas, I rode the roller coaster Rosy Esparza died on, and I know -- it could have happened to anyone.
Because really, what's funnier than some slut bleeding to death from her vagina, right?
You can wake up every day telling yourself that someone is going to die, and that still doesn't make their loss any easier when it finally happens.

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After reading this, I demand you go tell everyone you know that you love them. I'm serious.