The only attention we get from men we don’t already know is almost always from guys that were not getting laid in college, the ones who wouldn’t dare leave the house in leather pants. And that’s just fine with me.
dating outside of your religion
I met him while I was at work. He was forward and just charming enough for his approach not to register as negative on my radar.

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Let me be clear: We weren’t sleeping together. I mean, we were sleeping together, but we weren’t having sex.
Well, I didn’t technically live in a funeral home. It wasn’t my official mailing address. But I did spend most of my nights there. I did it for love. Trigger warning: centipedes (shudder).

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Normally, I’ll give the wrong phone number because dating is difficult -- even for women who don’t have HIV.
I thought that if this guy accepted me, maybe I could get finally get over the feeling of not being good enough in high school.
There was the blind date where I began convulsing in front of an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. I never saw him again.
online dating
I would do all the introductory conversation, all the sorting through photos and profiles, and then simply tell my sister when and where to show up.
coming out
The phrase "coming out" almost always conjures a single big, dramatic reveal: You do it once. But that isn't the whole story.
The thing about being the only single person in your group of friends is that your alone-ness is on constant display.
Was I really going to uproot my whole life for this man and this place?
interracial dating
This strong, entrepreneurial black woman, someone I could look up to and aspire to, was alluding to the idea that dating white men was somehow against the rules.
best friends
By facing this sticky emotional stuff head on, and having an ongoing conversation about it, I’ve gone from feeling tense around these women to being able to count them among my friends.
At least when you’re dating a woman you can act as crazy as you feel.
There is no better private investigator than a woman with Internet access and a curiosity.
Exchange playlists of your favorite songs from high school. Interpret it as a sign that they both include The Cranberries and Mazzy Star.
I logged on and sifted through a number of very strange people -- naked men, people in masks, teenagers until I finally found somebody who was relatively normal.
A private e-mail is a private e-mail, until it’s accessed by a jealous girlfriend.
And as if that weren't awkward enough, I soon learned that I'd recently dated one of her best friends. Apparently the Jewish NYC dating scene is frighteningly insular.
when harry met sally