My therapist recommended I try being someone else for the weekend in an effort to meet a guy. Someone a little less like, well: me.
Maybe all I can really take away from my experience is that you just never know what’s going to stumble into your life and change it completely.
the frisky
If you like what you see, “smile” at the person through the app, and if it’s a match, you’re well on your way to love.
indepedent women
How was it possible that of the thousands of people on this website, my brother floated to the surface as a potential match?
Not that anyone is particularly good at it. But still, I think I'm worse than most.
In a moment of frustration and loneliness, I Googled dating help.
rock bottom
Matt generously introduced me to his grandparents and other relatives as his “friend.”

Mar 27, 2014 at 2:00pm | 192 comments

Don’t seriously start looking unless you’re ready to sign a lease.
You know, like to see if they're into you enough to get jealous, or something petty like that? I do -- or I have -- but I'm reading a book that's making me feel way less bad about it.
I'd never noticed before that I had been doing most of the heavy lifting when it came to dating. But when I tried to let men take the reins, they took it as rejection or disinterest.
The morning of our date, I got up early. I put on a dress and did my hair really nicely. And then you finally got to my house, and you were wearing sweatpants.
chick crack
"I'm glad I didn't meet you in my twenties," I tell him. "Man, I would have been so stupid about you."
exit interviews
After a great -- and final -- date with a guy I'd really liked, I wanted to know what I did wrong. So I came up with a dating exit interview. Guys, throw me a constructive-criticism bone here, will you?
My wine knowledge was a hard-earned gift that came out of a not-so-good relationship.
On a scale from 1 to James Franco, the men I’ve dated have been about a John C. Reilly.
I've gone through phases where I've desperately wanted to be coupled off. Lately I'm very into the peace and the joy being single provides.
For the most part, people looking for a ménage à trois through digital means are often uninterested in developing any kind of relationship beyond a quick check-in over gin-and-tonics to ensure that no one involved is a serial killer.
The adage about using an equation involving the amount of time you were together as the “x” factor for how long you should be upset after it ends is stupid, plain and simple.