I wasn’t cheating on you, I was cheating on a system which is fake and outdated.
married men
He pulled his hand out of his pocket and no longer had a wedding ring on.
ashley madison
I am in a 17-year-old marriage which is practically sexless. I wish I could blame this on my husband, but the truth is…it’s my fault.
checking email
I didn’t really have to see my ex write things like, “I want to put my tongue in your ass” to a 23-year-old escort, but I did.
You have to understand that I wasn’t always like this.
I’ve been happily married for five years and the sex with my wife is great, I just gave into an impulse.
I looked directly at her. I saw the outline of her tiny frame, but my eyes could only focus on one thing: the red light emanating from the camcorder.
Jezebel recently published the name and photos of the "woman who broke up Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore." I don't buy that.
cheating songs
Maybe those ARE the best songs about cheating cheaters ever, but I think we can do better.
True story: I almost got it on with a famous rapper.

May 18, 2012 at 9:30am | 280 comments

One of the bad choices in my two-year long foray into all things stupid included meeting my affair partner at my place of business after hours.
One of my and Sean’s agreements is that we don’t hide our stupid little crushes from each other, because hiding it is what seems to give it power.
Being in love isn’t an option. You wish it was and you would love to say that your relationships could last more then a night, a week, a month, a year but that’s not your reality.
I don’t like women purposely hurting other women.We need to stick together. But like I said: I did it anyway.
bachelor parties
The bachelor isn't out to cheat, but often times his married friends are.
in a relationship
My boyfriend's fling is stalking me and putting my information up online.
I thought of the whole affair as an unfortunate experience, one that I was unlikely to have to deal with again. I was wrong.
I had a lengthy emotional affair that involved copious amounts of text messaging and elbow rubbing.

The kiss was intimate with a hint of danger. And it was happening just a few feet from where my boyfriend was discussing the merits of Jaeger bombs.
married men
Do you like conflicts of interest? I hope so, because I have a doozy for you.
sex addiction
I never set out to break the girl code, but my habits won over my morals and with every drink, my inhibitions loosened.
One thing that happens when you move to the front seat from the passenger is that it leaves a space that's just waiting to be filled.