truth in advertising
Legislative action isn't that powerful elsewhere -- why would this be any different?
After I gave birth, the breasts remained, and as the rest of my body shrank, they became a more and more pronounced part of my physique. I felt, frankly, pornographic.
There were many times when I thought it was too hard being the only African American in American Ballet Theatre’s company for a decade.
small boobs
I wish I could cut the fat off from inside my thighs and stuff it in my boobs.
Sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies -- we want the lights off during sex, to cover certain body parts we're ashamed of, or we don't even want to get intimate at all.
My self-esteem saving grace was that I’d come home from school and be surrounded by women with curves.
I became a model at age 34 and a size 8. Sure, it helped boost my confidence, but that doesn't mean I appreciate your unsolicited feedback about my body if I'm not at work.

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getting pregnant with michelle tea
I stopped looking like I was pregnant and then it was time to try to get pregnant again.
body image
Why would you ever, you ask. Because, I say.

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mirror fast
One of the things I learned? It's really hard to avoid catching your reflection in random surfaces in various places (whoops).
I can’t help but wonder if it were men who were plagued with cellulite, would we have some more effective treatments by now?

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body image
What if the energy that goes into nitpicking other women -- or people in general, really, their appearance, their work, their ambitions -- what if, instead, we put that energy into supporting each other?
In spite of her antics, Kim Kardashian is still a human being with insecurities who sometimes gets her feelings hurt.
It’s not that I no longer care about stretch marks and saggy boobs, it’s that those things don't have an effect on how I feel about myself.
fat talk
Ahhh, fat talk. It is, at best, the murderer of intelligent, relevant conversation, and at worst, completely self-destructive.

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As a Young Possessor of the Chub, I remember people constantly telling me "Don't worry, you'll hit puberty and thin out, then you'll be SUCH a beauty."

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spa treatments
And after I almost started crying, an even more ridiculous thing happened.
People can be real assholes to plus size and/or diverse cosplayers.
the frisky
I have anxiety about my bridal body.
in my head blog
“Do you think I’ll ever be skinny?” my daughter asked. No, honey, no. I do not think you will ever be skinny.
Is there a name for seeing a bad photo of yourself that takes your self-esteem from 60 to 0 in a half second?

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tracy anderson
Or mine, or yours. But that doesn't mean people will stop offering unsolicited advice on how we should strive to 'improve' ourselves. Ugh.