You're So Welcome To Share Anything In This Very Open Thread

As is everyone. Even Spambots. As long as they have feelings. In which case, come on in and say hi, little troubled Spambot!
Publish date:
June 13, 2014
open thread, weekend open thread

There has been a funny vibe here this week. There's sort of a feeling that some dust from last week is settling, but it is so humid out that the dust is settling into a kind of swampy mud with some sturdy little reeds growing up out of it. Well, that was an uplifting start to this thing!

Olivia, who took the picture of me you see here looking swampy but uplifted and sturdy, also sends out all our writers' contracts (and writes and does so many other things that have been getting her down in the swamp with me and Emily since shortly after we launched this site) so she knows this kind of thing, just informed me that six other people named Jane have written for us since we launched. There have also been 4 Olivias, 20 Rebeccas, and 30 Emilys. Is that because Emily likes to pick other Emilys as writers or because that's a particularly popular name within the demo of typical writers for this site?

Oh, who knows (well, some statistician has a good guess). Do you have a popular name or an uncommon one? You can talk about how you feel about your name here, or if that topic bores you, you can talk about

  • Anywhere you may currently be volunteering.
  • Whether you would move across the world for a year right now if given the opportunity.
  • How you feel about the phrase "bikini body."
  • School shootings in the U.S.
  • The best ringtone you’ve ever heard.
  • How long you’ve gone without checking your mailbox.
  • The strangest side effect you’ve heard listed on a drug commercial.

Just in case you’re new here, I want you to know that you are not limited to talking about just those things. You are unlimited here! Talk about anything that’s on your mind, tell us what you're doing this weekend, ask for advice, or just say "hi, I'm new here" and get ready for a warm, swampy welcome.