You Are So Important, Valued, and Matter — Always and Especially in This Weekly Open Thread

The comment section below is for you and about you. So say something there (truly anything at all) and make it yours.
Publish date:
July 8, 2016
open thread, weekend open thread

There are certain weeks where talking about whatever's going on in my life feels wrong in light of what is going on in the world and in other people's worlds. So tell me about yours and whatever small or big issue you are grappling with, be it global or personal, no judgment anywhere at all. Because it's all related, everything's relevant, and nothing is a non sequitur here.

If you want to grieve or rage or share, this is a safe place to express anything you're feeling, have felt, or are afraid to feel. Ask questions, answer these down below, be bold or scared or open or reluctant. Talk about the silliest thing that is happening in your life right now, because distraction can be appreciated and beautiful too. Just be. Because you matter. Here and everywhere else.

Are you finding more strength or more frustration from social media these days?

What deep or superficial or simple or indulgent methods do you use to be kind to yourself when you need it (which, in this time and this world, is often)?

What books or movies or movements or magazines are you reading or watching or participating in right now that bring you joy or comfort or commiseration?

When was the last time you hugged someone?

Open Thread is now officially open with wide cushiony arms. Your life, your day at work, your boyfriend, what you ate for lunch, what should you make for dinner?, what family member is on your nerves, the last time you cracked your knuckles or felt your heartbeat increase. Things big and small, things that are changing, staying the same, wishes you have, items you want, hopes you don't have anymore: All of it is worthy. Enjoy being yourselves here.