You Look As Beautiful As This Open Thread Will Look Once You Fill It With Comments

For an extra beauty bonus this week, answer the one simple question: would you rub coffee grounds on your scalp to cure a case of dandruff?
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May 29, 2015
open thread, weekend open thread

This open thread keeps my busy week on a-kind-of-almost schedule. Even when I've got to spend all day in meetings (like today), I know I've got to get you guys your thread. So, here it is! Short and sweet and ready to roll with these random questions that I've been thinking of for a while:

Have you quit smoking (or drinking or *insert unhealthy addiction*) lately?

Today, we had one writer cure dandruff with coffee grounds - do you have any kitchen-based beauty secrets?

Should I get a new iPhone or switch to something smarter?

Are you excited or enraged by movie reboots (Point Break, Poltergiest, etc.,)?

Should political figures be weighing in on the Duggar scandal?

Will you be buying Hillary Clinton merch?

And if you could ask any question of this wonderfully responsive community, what would that question be?

Last week, one of you -- XOXO? Beaker? I can't now remember, but someone cool here -- asked the origin of your screen names. That was such a good question and who wouldn't want to answer it?

So use this place to post your own random questions too and get answers to what you're curious about. Let's make this one a complete free for all. Why not? Lunatics, run this asylum!!!