You Deserve All the Love in the World and You'll Get It in This Ardent, Adoring Open Thread

Have you beat yourself up this week?
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August 12, 2016
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This week's Open Thread inspiration comes to us from Louise, who I adore as much as you do. I always love her work, but I especially related this week. If you've been struggling to forgive yourself for something or everything, talk about that here. And if you've been struggling to forgive someone else, talk about that too. If you're not sure how to start participating in this wildly supportive, judgment-free open thread, you can always start by answering one or more of these randomized questions, lovingly compiled just for you:

What Olympic sports have you watched this week?

What does your mouth taste like right now?

Do you still sleep with any childhood stuffed animals?

Have you ever taken an at-home drug test?

Do you have any deadlines coming up that you're totally ready for or totally dreading?

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?

How did you meet the person you love most in the world?

Now, comment below in whatever way feels right for you. Tell each other about how you're coping with stress, what you've been avoiding or craving, and what you can't stop thinking about. Humble brag about big things you've accomplished at work or shamelessly brag about little things you've accomplished in your love life (both are entirely welcome).

Support each other with upvotes. Blast opinions you hate with downvotes.

Always use this space to ask for advice, because I assure you, the best advice-givers, the least judgmental and most caring and truly pragmatic ones, are right here, I swear.

Leave half-finished comments about half-finished plans, share your Snapchat handle, or leave a review of an app you hate but can't delete from your phone. There's nothing you can say that won't be welcome, and there's never a wrong time to comment. Be your nocturnal, flawed, uncertain, excited, or hesitant selves. You, exactly as you are, deserve the whole world. You deserve to get the most out of this wonderful community. And you will. All you have to do is comment.

P.S. In breaking news, I came into the office today to find that the purple and teal office cabana, my favorite place for sitting in while working or not working, is gone.

P.P.S. #LongLivetheCabana