You Asked For It, So Let's See If Anyone Wants to Give This Friday Open Thread A Try

What big or small issue are you wanting to talk to each other about now?
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April 19, 2013
open thread, friday night!

For a while now, you've been asking us in comments about whether we could have regular open threads here on xoJane. And I'm so glad you thought of it.

Then a few weeks ago a new staffer in IT, Victor, tested our content management system and ended up posting live this most awesome message:


Reading your 300+ comments made everyone here realize even more strongly what I've said for a while: the content on this site IS the comments. (By the way, some genius even created a parody Twitter.)

Also: Mandy wants me to tell you that she wants to do this for TV shows that people want to live-chat about ("like, say, Mad Men or bigger events like the MTV awards," she says). What do you think? Interested?

So, for today, is there anything you need to get off your chest? Use this space however you damn well please.

I love you.