Shocking Secrets Exposed in This Especially Revealing Open Thread

What's the most personal thing you've ever told someone you just met?
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October 7, 2016
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I don't have anything this week except for getting us all competitively riled up to register people to vote, which is so boring, but we can make it fun and game-like. Apparently the number of new voters xoJane readers registered to vote through our widget is so far only in the double digits. So I was trying to think of ways to shame more of us into registering ourselves or anyone we can find who is not registered to vote yet. Cause the big day is fast approaching and nearly 3/4 of women under 25 (and 2/3 of the rest of us) aren't even registered!

And because so many of the other major women's publications are involved, I'm going to try to appeal to your competitive side: Yeah, we know we're all in this together and that it's the votes that count, blah blah blah, but we also know that you are the best and most activist of all of the women's publications' communities out there, so... Let's try to outnumber the registrations collected by the other women's magazines involved in OurVoteCounts, and when it's all done, I'll show you just how many of you registered through xoJane and if you beat the others. And I will give the one of you who gets the most people registered something that you really want, as long as you tell me what that is.

Here's that awkwardly big registration widget that we can't figure out how to resize:

Once you get yourself or others to fill that out — or even if you skip it — reward yourself by saying whatever you damn well want to say in the comments. And if you have no idea in hell what to say, you could answer these very random questions:

  • If Halloween falls on a week day, should costume parties be the weekend before or the weekend after?
  • Do you ever avoid buying an article of clothing just because it's dry clean only?
  • Who's the last person that told you exactly what you wanted to hear, and what was it?
  • Is there a TV on somewhere at your workplace?

I love seeing your little "hellos" and gripes and big announcements (and little ones, too) in the Open Thread. Show us a picture of your new kitty, bitch about your neighbor, ask for advice on something so minor you'd be embarrassed to ask someone in your everyday life, figure out what to have for dinner, go off into your own side conversations that have nothing to do with Open Thread at all, because tangents and taking the scenic route are the way to go here. I'm handing it over to you now — this Open Thread is now officially open. Fill it up because your comments here are everything.

P.S. If you were in a public restroom and saw Lucky Charms cereal floating in the toilet bowl, but without the marshmallows in it, what story would you make up in your head as far as what led to that? Feel free to be creative. This just happened to me at the office and I took a picture of it for you, but decided maybe you don't need to see that. OK, go have fun and be as random as that if you like.