Claim the Comment Section That Is Rightfully Yours in This Especially Talkative Open Thread

What's the most exciting AND the most boring thing that happened to you this week?
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November 18, 2016
open thread

Here's some of the Top Secret Methodology behind your weekly Open Thread:

Secret 1) The only reason I share little anecdotes from my life every week is because I love when you share your own anecdotes from your week in the comments. And just today I manipulatively thought: I'm surrounded by a staff full of interesting anecdotes and they report to me, so let me take a little personal-anecdote break this time and give them the chance to tell their little weird what-happened-to-them-this-week stories.

So here's what's been going on in the lives of some of the xoJane staff people who are not me.

Sable, Sable, Sable

I'm sick with some kind of cold, so I'm getting lots of rest and eating all the fruits and veggies I should've been eating before I got the cold that might have prevented said cold by bolstering my immune system, but eh, can't hurt, I guess. Someone told me that eating raw garlic is a cold remedy because garlic has naturally small doses of a natural poison (?) so eating it causes your body's immune system to go into Oh no you didn't! mode and pump out a bunch more immunity stuff...? I was too fatigued to look up the actual science behind this, but a Google search did tell me that crushing raw garlic cloves and letting it sit for 15 minutes to "activate" the "healthy enzymes" it releases and then eating it is a cold remedy.

So I did this, and while I'm still sick, for a minute there I felt a tad bit better. But I learned that I don't hate chomping on raw garlic even though it gives me perma-pizza breath. Mmmm pizza...

Dan, The Man

This week in news you could probably care less about: I double scheduled a lunch and, of course, the more important lunch was then canceled — ya know, after I had already rescheduled the less important lunch. I feel like this is happening in my life more and more, and there's actually a great New Yorker piece that accurately captures what I'm getting at. As someone who lives and breathes by a schedule, does it annoy you how technology has furthered allowed people to become more and more schedule-adverse. [What does this mean even? Sorry to interrupt your anecdote, Dan, but this is where you get into managing-editor speak that I do not understand. I so don't understand it that I don't even know if it is grammatically correct. I love you anyway. – Jane]

Now onto something I need your help with: I currently have a really gross pimple. (Jane told us we could write whatever we wanted for this and I am literally in-between meetings and doing so). Said pimple is one of the cystic nature — it won't go away and I'm afraid to watch those pimple-popping videos on YouTube, so I've been layering on salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin gel and still nothing. I also don't have time to go to a dermatologist, so do any of you lovely people have a suggestion for me on what to do when you have a pimple that JUST WILL NOT GO AWAY no matter what you do to it?

Marci, The Old-TImer Around These Parts

I can't believe Dan didn't mention that we got our teeth whitened. WE GOT OUR TEETH WHITENED. I'll save the details for an xoVain story, though. [I was saving it for that exact reason. -Dan] [Ok, break it up, you two. -Jane]

I've spent what feels like the vast majority of my non-editing time this week trying to decide if I want to write a post-election article that has been almost fully developed in my brain (I had a lot of time to think while I was getting my teeth whitening) and really struggling with whether or not I want to put it out there in the world (aka here on xoJane) or if I just need to type it out, read it to myself a couple times, and save it in a file somewhere deep in the recesses of my laptop forever and ever.

Other than that, my boyfriend accidentally dropped an egg on my dog's head and I had to cut some of the dried yolk out of his fur and now he looks like tiny, drunk aliens did a crop circle on his head.

Caitlin, Pet

I'm 99% sure I'm getting ghosted by a guy I've been seeing, and I am surprisingly not tearing my hair out over it...? I don't know if I'm getting older or what, but my self-esteem isn't really attached to how much romantic attention I'm getting (or, you know, not getting) from someone. It's so refreshing not to give a fuck!

Speaking of hair, I got a $1500 haircut that made me cry. Read all about that here.

Secret 2) I am highly competitive with myself about how many comments you leave here each week. I get bummed when the total comment count is below the quadruple digits when it's time for the next OT to go up. Lately, you've left between 412 and 677, and one week, I was so desperate to get the number over 500 that I wrote approximately 200 of them myself (that's an old trick I learned from Cat Marnell). That's why I encourage you to have LENGTHY conversations amongst yourselves in these comments. With lots of back and forth. And why I would rather you respond with a comment saying "I agree" rather than just upvoting.

Are you still reading? Or did you already jump to the comments to start talking about your week? Either is fine, as long as you say something. And if you care about my little competition with myself and helping keep my anxiety level down, say whatever you say a couple of times. Make sure you are heard (and help keep my anxiety level down). And if you're having trouble thinking of something to say, how about an answer to one or all of these questions?

What's the last thing you hung on the wall in your home?

Are you for or against the use of the word "bitch"?

What's the hardest habit you've ever quit?

Who do you list as your emergency contact? (Mine is still my mom, which seems funny at my age, but who else could it be?)

What's the last '90s movie you watched?

You don’t have to answer those questions, but you can if you want. No matter what you say here, I can pretty much assure you that you will get an outpouring of nonjudgmental support and feedback from this amazing community of like- and opposite-minded others.

So ramble or not, enjoy each other's company and go on as many tangents as you like, because you are always allowed and never stale, and even when you are stale, you make it taste better that way and are, god, such an important part of this comment section. So comment as often as you like. And don't feel silly coming back here throughout the week, as I do, to check in with each other again and again. And not just to increase our comment counts and show that we are the most award-winningly engaged community on the internet. Do it because there really are no limits — to you or to what you can say here below.

P.S. I need your advice on one thing. I just realized that I have asked you this every year since launching the site five years ago, so why stop now? Here is the dilemma: Where should I go for Thanksgiving? The (same as always) options are: Courteney Cox's house, which has the added benefit of featuring, and being the only place in the world to feature, her special "Peas a la Cox"; Michael Stipe's family Thanksgiving, which has the added benefit of getting to see his mom, whom I love very very much; my own mom's house, which has the obvious benefit of all benefits, because I love my mom, but means probably having Thanksgiving at one of her friend's who I may not know so well.

As always, I will do as you say. So let me know below!