I Decree Your Thread Open!

Here's your time and place to talk about whatever you want. So what do you want?
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March 7, 2014
open thread

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I can only be honored that xoVain has started their own beauty-centric weekend open threads. You can still talk about beauty here, too, of course. Or ugliness. Whatever you have to say, you'll probably find someone here who'll agree with you. Not that you need anyone to agree with you -- your disagreement here is always so interesting, too.Or if there's something you need advice on, I find the folks here to be the most thoughtful advice-givers.Or just tell each other (and me) how you've been this week.My week was full of lots of non-Mercury-induced disruption. And I'm on my way to the airport as I post this, to go to Austin, where I will be moderating a panel and partying at a party. But I'll be checking in (and praying for wifi on the plane) to see what you're talking about, because I love you and especially love how much you love and support each other.