Bring Your Most Inquisitive, Uncensored Self to This Open-Armed Open Thread

What are you the most proud of this week?
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September 9, 2016
open thread

Marci (who is a longtimer around these parts) was just reminding me about a long-ago staff meeting (a few office buildings ago) when I decided to try doing these weekly Open Threads. They would have no discernible theme and would basically just be a conversation pit for all of you and all of us (not that there actually is a you and us anyway, so let's revise that to just "all of us"). I was a little embarrassed to start them because I wasn't sure anyone would necessarily come to my party or want to say anything if they did come. (Speaking of which, do you get overly nervous when you throw parties that they are not going to be "good," as I do?)

But I had faith in you, and this column was born, and you've exceeded my expectations every week since then.

But this is not an acceptance speech or whatever it sounds like right now. It's just an excuse to say that every week in the comments you spark me to talk about things I wasn't even thinking about beforehand — like the tidbits I rambled on and on about in my comments below, all inspired by your thoughtful, provocative questions last week (and if you live in the comments and follow Disqus as obsessively as I do, you could skip this part of this post, because it will be redundant):

An ex of mine used to start crying after something innocuous I'd said and then run away saying he couldn't be around me when I was being so abusive. I later found out he was going off to get high but that this was his way of escaping without me questioning it and leave me questioning my own behavior instead. Is that a form of gaslighting?

It makes me feel terrible that you all interpreted my expression here as mocking. I can totally see how it would come off that way. What actually was happening was that we had seen signs saying that no one over 14 was allowed to wear costumes at Disney and that bummed us out, but then we saw this woman doing it anyway and were impressed. I told her that too. Live and let live.

Does anyone here know, culturally, when it became considered a positive attribute (and something to strive for) to look younger?

We have had to reduce our posting schedule somewhat and hope it is temporary.

I'm surrounded by so many people that want to look older for various reasons, too, like work reasons or because they are teenagers.

My friend always refers to the amount of "time remaining." Like when I want to go to a movie that we both know won't be good, he says "Jane, time remaining."

And that's just a small sampling of the things you got me thinking and talking about last week. So continue to ask me anything at all. Because I want to talk about what you want to talk about and/or what you want to know about from me. (It's why my favorite part of giving speeches or hosting shows is always the Q and A portion — when I know that at least one person wants to know the answer I'm giving.)

This doesn't mean I'll stop asking you questions, though, because I live to read your answers to them every week, as I live for you to blurt out anything at all here, even and especially if it has nothing to do with me.

  • Do you use coasters, or do you just put drinks right down on the table?
  • What's your best side?
  • What's the last thing you signed your name on?
  • Do you think most people named June or April were born in June and April?
  • Who was the last instantaneous friend you made?

Hopefully now you're all ready to talk to me and talk to each other, advise each other, and console or commiserate with each other in YOUR comment section below. Good karma will come to any of you who leave at least one comment in every Open Thread from now until the end of the year, of this I am sure. So let's now declare this thread open, and in it, be however you see yourself in your mind.