Cancel Your Plans and Come Hang Out in This No-Pressure, All-Are-Welcome Open Thread

Were you as unshocked as I was about Brad and Angelina? A special prize to you if your response is, "Wait, who? What happened?"
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September 23, 2016
open thread

The (unflattering) picture above was taken yesterday right after we figured out that, although Caitlin is the Alpha Menstruator here in xoJaneland, I am the Alpha Insomniac. That means that my pet, Caitlin, has been wide-awake every time I get up in the night, which is generally about once an hour until 3 or 4 a.m.

Have you been having particularly sleepless nights lately? Here's what my night (and apparently Caitlin's night) looks like:

Also yesterday (apologies that my transitions are less than clever, as I just literally fell asleep at my laptop while writing about being sleep-deprived), we had a big boardroom meeting with a bunch of editors at my company. I still love that stuff and feel almost as excited about being privy to the boardroom conversations as I did when I first started working in publishing.

There was a moment when Jennifer was being discussed, in the context of the Brad and Angelina news/gossip, and I wanted to call her so she could hear what everyone was saying about her. This was all professional and very nice stuff, but I am such an overprotective friend — in this case, I've known Jennifer for almost 30 years, starting with a meeting she's actually kept on video all that time, through marriages and breakups and tons of other big and little life transitions — that I once got up onto my desk and leaned over my cubicle wall to make the point to another editor at another women's publication that what she was saying about Jennifer was untrue and mean. I've done this before even when I don't personally know the celebrity being discussed. Hearing other editors (generally female, which is so sad) dissecting the bodies and faces and choices of famous women makes me sad, and it still happens way too much.

OK, that was a truly unnecessary tangent, and now you can respond in kind, by going on tangents as unnecessary as you like. Give advice. Ask for help. Talk about your love life or someone else's. Or answer any or all of these random questions I have for you this week:

  • Do you find it arrogant when someone says they are humbled?
  • What's the last movie or TV scene you watched through your fingers?
  • Do you consider yourself smarter than most people?
  • What's the most inches of hair you've ever cut off?
  • Can you do a spot-on impression of anyone?
  • What's the last piece of unsolicited advice you gave?

You can talk about anything you want here. As always, this thread is yours. Use it to talk about the site this week, your personal life, or the world in general. Up to you. I love when you comment here in whatever way you do it.