Free! No Limits! Say Anything at All in This Super-Special Open Thread

What's the best nickname you've given someone in your phone contacts?
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September 16, 2016
open thread

I miss Alexis Arquette and that's what happened this week.

So everything else pales. But you don't have to be of that mindset just because I am. Tell me and each other about whatever mindset you're in. And here are some questions from the staff in their varied states of mind that might encourage you to be whichever way you want to be in your comment section below.

How do you feel about people who air-kiss when they greet you? (Or are you an air-kisser?)

Do you have the books in your home arranged in any particular order? Alphabetically? By cover color? Best to worst?

What's the last material thing you broke beyond repair?

Are you a "hat person"?

What chore are you avoiding right now?

If a potential romantic partner continually mixes up your and you're in notes to you, is that a deal-breaker? On the other hand, if one uses "uxorious" in a spoken sentence, is that a turn-on?

Also: If you're a reader who's never left a comment before, you're currently in the best company. Say anything, and prepare for a total lack of judgment to whatever it is. Prepare for awesome advice from people who genuinely have your best interests at heart. The most powerful thing someone said to me this week was: Forgive yourself. So you do the same and get it all out and give love to each other and yourself, right here.