Take Whatever You Want Most in This World from the Givingest Open Thread Ever

Are you sick of the election yet, or are you all fired up?
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October 14, 2016
open thread

So, this is going to be a transition-less Open Thread intro — one where no segues between paragraphs are necessary. Likewise, your comments here don't have to adhere to any writing "best practices" either. Isn't that nice and freeing?

Pal/xoJane contributor/convenient name-drop Courteney just mailed me a box of hand-me-downs, so that's my fall shopping right there. It's an especially great gift because not only does my friend have excellent taste and great-quality stuff, but also because I hate shopping so much (except online at places where the experience is fully streamlined). I also hate looking for houses/apartments, which I am also doing right now. But I'm trying to have different attitudes about things like packing and moving, the same way that I tell my daughter that it can be unhealthy to rule out entire categories of food — say, "I don't like fish" — because it depends on how it's made. Make packing exciting! Make finding a new neighborhood coffee shop fun! Make salmon with Nutella on top! (Note: if I could cook, it might help my daughter's anti-seafood leanings.)

I follow very few people (current count = 74) on Instagram. I actually feel responsible when I follow someone to look at pretty much everything in their feed (maybe because of growing up with artist parents, it feels dismissive not to at least look at other people's "work"?). I'm only telling you this because after I mentioned in a staff meeting that I was going to put some random updates in this column this week and asked if anyone had anything they wanted me to cover, Ms. Marci went into this post in the CMS and left me the following all-caps note: TK EXPLANATION OF WHO YOU FOLLOW/DON'T FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM/WHY YOU DON'T FOLLOW POOR BOSS-VALIDATION-SEEKING MARCI. The answer is that I love her Instagram feed, captions in particular, but I had added some new people and so I was taking a break. Boring answer. She also posted a picture a few weeks ago that I wanted to use on the site first, but she took it down, and that's all I asked, and that's not why I unfollowed her. Ridiculously detailed non-answer.

This last week, I brought back Cat from the dead (it had been a long four years since she had written on xoJane) and Alison from the near-dead (seven months). Who would you like to see return to xoJane next? Feel free to leave serious or funny answers. Speaking of which, is there anyone here who still remembers Test Victor?

Caitlin emailed me on Wednesday to taunt me with a bad hump day pun from the back of a camel in Mexico. That almost sounds like a Mad Libs sentence, doesn't it?

What else? Life is good. But it's not so good that I understand people's deathly fear of leaving it. That must mean that they are generally happier than they are unhappy? Or just scared of what is or isn't on the other side? I think that is one of the most defining characteristics in a person: Are you afraid of dying? It affects everything.

If you don't even want to think about that, perhaps you want to start your commenting here by answering one or all of these other questions I'm interested in your answers to:

  • Do you drink your coffee/tea after it gets cold?
  • If you designed a fashion line, what would you call it?
  • Do (or did) you curse in front of your parents?
  • What TV show does everyone say you HAVE TO watch but you're just not interested?
  • Do you dance like everyone is watching?

Are you all primed and ready to talk to each other? Advise each other? Console or commiserate with each other? You own the lovely comment section below, so let's now declare this thread open — steer it in any direction you see fit, whether that's just typing your favorite letter of the alphabet, sharing your Instagram handle, or pouring your beautiful guts out. Say anything at all below without fear of negativity or judgment. Those are the only non-rules for commenting. Just comment! Again and again! Everyone here will love it if you do.