Come Together and Comment Forever in Your Indefinitely Infinite Open Thread

Every comment is a brick in the bridge to whatever comes next for us.
Publish date:
December 30, 2016
open thread

I'm not a writer. Not that I needed to tell you that. I love finding and encouraging writers, and I love giving them places to tell their stories to more people than might hear them otherwise. I also love finding people who don't consider themselves writers and showing them that if they can talk and have something unique to say, they can write. I really appreciate Alison and Louise and Marianne and Amanda and s.e. for sharing their beautiful writing about this strange frozen state that xoJane and xoVain enter into after tomorrow, a state from which we may emerge like Timothy Leary's head from its cryogenic chamber and from which we may go happily off to Sassy heaven (another publication that could still be reborn too — you never know).

I really, really appreciate everyone who has been a part of XO up 'til now. Including and especially you. Not being a writer, though, I'm not even going to try to sum it all up so far. I'm going to leave this at thank you. Because I do much better in conversation with you, and always have. And that's what I would love to continue here in the comments.

Use this space however you want to. Our little staff that's still left here is going to create comment sections in our main subject categories so that you can continue to start new discussions about what's going on in your lives and continue to talk about anything and everything, without even the supervision (what little there has been of it) of us guys.

You are xoJane. Just as you were Sassy and Jane magazines before it. So continue to be yourselves in whatever ways feel good and right to you in the comments below and here and here and here and in the other comment sections we leave you with, and I will continue to join in to update you and answer questions and ask for your take on everything too. As always.

P.S. How did you find this place in the first place, if you remember?